The Biggest Show Of Stars Turns 60 – Red Robinson’s Legends



Red Robinson

It happened sixty years ago today! On October 23, 1957 Fats DominoChuck Berry, the Everly BrothersEddie CochranPaul AnkaBuddy Knox, the DriftersLaVern BakerClyde McPhatterBuddy Holly and the Crickets, and Jimmy Bowen and the Rhythm Orchids came to Vancouver’s Georgia Auditorium for the Biggest Show of Stars. I was the show MC and spent time interviewing many of these rock’n’roll pioneers. Return with me to the halcyon days of rock’n’roll and let’s talk to some of the biggest musical stars of the era! It’s the latest from my SoundCloud channel, Red Robinson’s Legends.


  1. Thanks for keeping these days alive, Red! People like us always enjoy going back to those days every once in awhile. They were fun, weren’t they?


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