The DAZN Dzaster on the ‘Sound Off Podcast’ with Matt Cundill

When the NFL announced they had a partnership with a British company to carry what was NFL Sunday Ticket via streaming, major alarm bells sounded in my head. Not one to rebuff change, I welcomed our UK overlords and their streaming television idea because frankly – what choice did I have. After 5 weeks of Canadians paying for a service that often doesn’t work, I reach out to Sean Meade, owner of the @DAZNSucks Twitter account, and defacto leader in our quest to bring NFL Sunday Ticket back to cable.

So far, two cable companies have struck deals. After 5 weeks of NFL action, Canadians are wondering how they are going to cope with this for the next 5 years; while I try to answer the obvious question:

How does this even happen?


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Published on October 12, 2017 at 12:11 pm by Voice Over


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