Larry’s baaaaaaaack! Joining Jack Again, next Tuesday

Puget Sound Radio just got word about Larry Hennessy, former morning man of LG104 and also known as the Larry of Larry and Willy fame. Join Larry on Jack Fm weekdays 12-1 featuring Larry with the “Jack up the 80’s” show
starting  next Tuesday October 10th…  Larry will be playing vinyl and cassette music from his own collection. 

Courtesy of the fine resource site Vancouver Broadcasters, here is Larry’s radio history so far:

CFLW Wabush NL 1975-77; CKCM Grand Falls NL 1977-78; VOCM St. Johns NL 1978-79; morning host CHOZ-FM St. Johns NL 1979; CFRW Winnipeg 1979-81; morning host CKCW Moncton NB 1981; CKPR Thunder Bay ON 1981-88 including Larry & Willy Show (with Willy Percy) 1985-88; CFOX-FM Vancouver 1988-2003; morning co-host Larry & Willy Show CKLG-FM Vancouver 2003-12; morning host CHLG-FM Vancouver 2014-15; voice actor current; owner two recording studios: The Wawa Room North Vancouver and The Garage Sunshine Coast; Association of Broadcasters Broadcaster Performer of the Year 1996.


  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re readying Larry for the morning show. The 2 no-talents they have on now ain’t gonna win it for the radio station. The faster they put in Larry, the faster they have the chance at least, of salvaging an audience. Any attraction to a pretty good music list is decimated by the inane ramblings of their morning team, a term I use lightly in this case. The former weather guy has zero idea of formatics, content, execution, reading skills etc. etc. The so-called veteran of the two has a serious speech impairment which makes him sound like a slurring drunk.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! The so-called veteran is the worst and I CANNOT listen to this morning duo for 60 seconds. I would rather carve my eye out with a spoon…

    Jack made a huge mistake with these two – sorry!


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