New Prime Time Lineup at Fox News Includes Laura Ingraham


Multiple sources are reporting that Sean Hannity is moving from 10 pm ET to 9 on Fox News Channel, and new hire Laura Ingraham (pictured above) will replace him at 10.  This will put Hannity in direct head-to-head oompetition with MSNBC’s top-rated talker Rachel MaddowTucker Carlson will continue in the old Bill O’Reilly slot at 8 pm ET.

With Eric Bolling definitely out following an internal investigation, the multi-host feature The Five will move back to its original slot at 5 pm where it had such great initial success.

When the changes will take effect is as yet unclear.  But the new lineup is widely known .. and confirmed … by senior FNC staffers.


  1. In my opinion this new lineup for Fox makes sense.

    McCallum, Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham should be more than competitive with MSNBC and CNN, the Clinton News Network.

  2. Walter

    Please provide three examples of Fake Fox News Reports.

    If you cannot think of three at the moment you could Purchase Hillary Clintons New Book and then tell us about the never ending Russian Story.

    Poor Hillary and the CNN will soon blame the upcoming Kim Kardashian Pregnancy on the Russians!

    I await your reply Walter.

  3. Not sure about the Clinton News Network but what proved to me that they are not reputable is when their much heralded associate Donna Brazille was caught red handed sending Hillary debate questions she would be asked by the network and when one of the Trump people got targeted with fake news they apologized and retracted when he got his lawyer involved.

    I dont know why Shaw continues to carry their sister station HLN or even why CNN is the only US Cable News Network carried on Shaw in HD. Time to reconsider their status as outside of the odd hurricane or train wreck their track record is abysmal.

  4. No, Walter, the real fake news channels are CNN, MSNBC, CBC and Viceland (all of which I’m guessing you watch). The first three are jokes because they lie to us, pass off opinion as “news” and adhere to liberal ideology, while Viceland, in addition to doing all that, primarily produce sensationalist SJW documentaries (you know, the ones that get used as Cancon filler on Citytv on the weekends) that few people watch.


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