Vancouver Radio PPM’s .. May 29 – Aug. 27 2017 (Numeris)


Demographic: A12+
Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am
Geography: Vancouver CTRL
Data type: Respondent

Station                                                           AMA (000)         Daily Cume (000)      Share (%)           Trend
CBU+     (Radio One}                                     17.1                             227.4                           14.3                    +0.1

CKNW        (News/Talk 980)                      12.3                             169.2                           10.2                      n/c

CHQMFM  (QM/FM)                                   11.4                              386.4                             9.5                      -1.2

CFMIFM   (Rock 101)                                    9.1                               232.6                             7.6                      -0.1

CFBTFM   (Virgin Radio)                             8.9                               321.5                             7.4                      +1.0

CJJRFM    (Country)                                      6.8                               154.0                             5.7                      -0.1

CKZZFM   (Z 95.3)                                          6.1                               238.9                             5.1                     +0.3

CFOXFM   (The Fox)                                      6.0                               176.6                            5.0                     +0.3

CJAXFM   (Jack FM)                                      5.6                              204.4                             4.7                     +0.1

CKWX       (All News)                                     5.4                                181.8                            4.5                      -0.5

CHLGFM   (Classic hits)                                5.1                               178.1                             4.3                     -1.1

CKKSFM    (KiSS 104.9)                                5.0                               182.2                            4.2                    +0.8

CKPKFM   (The Peak)                                    4.1                                133.3                            3.4                     -0.3

CBUFM    (Radio Two)                                   3.7                                 91.1                             3.1                    +0.4

CISL       (Sportsnet 650)                               3.0                                70.8                             2.5                     -0.1

CKST          (TSN 1040)                                  2.4                                 73.0                             2.0                    -0.7

KWPZFM (Praise- Lynden Wash.)        2.1                                 53.4                             1.8                    +0.1

CHMJ         (All Traffic)                                  1.6                                 94.0                             1.3                    +0.1

CFTE          (TSN 1410)                                   0.3                                 11.2                             0.3                    n/c

CIRHFM    (Roundhouse Radio)              0.0                                   1.0                             0.0                      n/c

Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/Abbotsford)
May 29, 2017 – August 27, 2017
Average Daily Universe: 2,257,000
PPM Top-line Radio Statistics
Vancouver CTRL
Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station
during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to thestation for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages becauseit changes slightly daily as the intab changes


  1. What do you make of Roundhouse Radio? At least they didn’t lose any listeners. Such a shame, and it really shouldn’t be. If the station would get off the Liberal propaganda machine and grow a set of balls and represent a conservative element to Vancouver radio, they just might be onto something… Doesn’t Vancouver have enough Left wing wacko radio stations, such as cknw, cbc, and yes, even Roundhouse Radio. How insulting. RR deserves the numbers they get.

  2. So I gather from your comment Cannon that anything that is left wing is “wacko” radio and anything right wing is not “wacko” radio? I would suggest to you that anything that challenges authority is good radio whether it supports the left or the right. I would suggest that any radio station that adheres to only one political philosophy, at the expense of the other, is insulting. The stations you criticize as being “left wing wacko radio stations” top the ratings.

    Radio should be interesting, informative and entertaining. It’s a formula that was successful for many years for talk show hosts like Rafe Mair.

  3. Left wing whackos will top the ratings simply because we DO NOT have any balanced information stations. No siree not even a middle of the road never mind a right wing whacko station
    NW used to be balanced but has become so cheap that if they eliminated their inhouse repetition and giggle fests all we would hear would be static.

  4. Once, just once, I’d like to read through a Vancouver PPM post that doesn’t bring up Rafe Mair or how terrible NW has become. Guess what? Rafe ain’t coming back and NW is at the top of the list. The old days are dead and gone & you radio groupies just have to accept that. Don’t like the young voices on the air? Too bad, you old, bitter rubes.

  5. Hi Craig. Nice to see that someone is willing and able to accept what a debacle NW has become. Yes Rafe is not coming back and yes NW is near the top of a list of pretty bad radio stations. If you cant see what has happened since (perhaps your family) shaw corus took ownership of NW then you are right because you have no frame of reference. To bad you dont know what your missing.

  6. Craig,

    It’s not the young voices on air, it’s the lack of quality radio and news journalism, let alone critical talk and debate on issues prevalent in society.

    When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I had more local, national and international awareness of issues than many of the yahoos on talk radio today, BTW not just CKNW.

    Leftism and decades of such brainwashing youth from grade school to high school and through to college has left a hole in many of their thoughts to be able to discuss, debate and critically think about many issues. Topics notably important one are often merely glossed over and we hardly see, hear or read any debate. Just mindless parroting of liberal society of massive self loathing especially if one is a millennial ( though old hippie aged fools do it too) and white.

    Lots of look/listen at/to me virtue signalling from this anti-western, self hating fools which is putrefying. These yahoos will also most often just parrot their liberal/leftist, self-loathing, utopian dreaming of socialism talk radio hosts on CKNW and CBC Radio One in our local area. But this crap is all over MSM and talk radio in the western developed world . Which is the greatest society in human history and should not apologize to anybody, because if you got here to the west or were born here and accept western values, try to live inside them, well then you have it better than likely 99% of all others who live and support backwardness, hate, bigotry and ignorance on this fly speck of planet.

    This crap is all over in the western world media and regular people who can see this are sick of it and sick of thin or vapid radio/media content.

    CKNW for one in the Vancouver market may look ok in ratings for now as it panders pablum radio to nonthinking leftist minds who are in love with their own self-hate and live to pathetically virtue signal for others, whom ironically they actually hold in low repute as that is why they virtue signal, but often at their own expense. But hey faux victims like other faux victims.

  7. Les H: If you were hoping for the miraculous return of “serious” broadcast news journalism and critical thinking programs and commentary, (circa 1975) don’t hold your breath! Today’s commercial radio programmers are politically correct, computer savvy vultures, but mostly anti-news and not surprisingly, anti-sports, as well.

    Maybe the answer is to treat all journalism as museum type pieces, in which you can remember or reminisce about the good ole’ days. It will give most a warm, fuzzy feeling, inside.

  8. Craig

    I hope that someday you get the opportunity to speak with a few former employees from CKNDP (NW) they will confirm that the Once Top Dog is nothing compared to what it once was.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best NW is about a 4. When you are surrounded with a bunch of 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s you look pretty to some like you Craig.

    CKNDP is now part of the NDP “Farm Team” and they are placing where they are in the Ratings by default as they have very competition.

    Opinion Radio is one thing and we understand what we are getting when we listen to any of the Big Names in the U.S. Right or Left of Centre.

    CKNDP “On Air” People like McComb. Simi, Adler, and the Australian Guy Are under full control of the über Liberal Democrat American Program Director and he has them Masquerading as Fair and Balanced Middle of the Road Commentator Hosts when in fact they are nothing but Shills for the Provincial NDP and the Federal Justin Liberals.

    The only NW I listen to now is Campbell, Bruce, and JILL Bennett. Michael Smith if someone lets me know he will be on.

    If a Station like WX were to bring Smyth on from 8:30 AM -12:00 PM then do a Local, National, and World News and Sports Package for an hour then come back with JILL Bennett from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM then a good Drive Time Team with Local, National, and World News that Station would be a Winner and CKNDP would be decimated in the Ratings.

    Hey, I have an idea Craig, perhaps the Programming Genius at CKNDP could put you on against Michael Smyth!

    How do you think that would work out Craig?

  9. notapennypinchingcon

    That is why we have alternatives to MSM and even news talk radio. Podcasts of all flavors, Youtube channels etc.

    For me CKNW today is most often now as background radio for a change from music listening at times, usually in the morning as I get my day going. That or I may dial in some sportstalk radio TSN 1040 until their hosts inecvitably bore me to tears with their blather. However now that TSN 1040 is no longer Vancouver Canuck (kiss but) talk, house radio, maybe we will hear more critical talk on sports and sports business.

    I agree today’s talk radio hosts and staff are all generally thin of quality thoughts and opinions, self-absorbed into leftist, liberal, virtue signaling FOREVER VICTIM HOOD for whomever the flavor of our non-western society, non-white group of persons today . They are so lacking critical thought and self awareness with a lack of challenging at times the never ending crying victim hood of these other persons or groups, that these liberal virtue signalers can’t see their own bigotry and ideals of the soft hate of low expectations of these groups they virtue signal about and cry bully over. Talk radio today only amplifies this… It’s quite pathetic and sad I say 🙁

  10. If you cranky (old?) guys actually listened to recordings of local radio from the 50’s/60’s/and 70’s, you’d find that it never EVER was perfect, and often it wasVERY bad.
    There was lots GUNK surrounding Webster’s three hours , and HIS shows weren’t perfect either. He filled tons of time on bullshit and bluster about bus fares and 5 legged cows at the PNE, just so he could pull his big, fat, juicy cheque.

    AND oh, Sunday was 20 hours of religious radio.
    (And it was Christian radio. So if your weren’t Christian, you were a savage).
    In fact, by 1968 EVERYBODY’S radio was off on Sunday, because nobody could stand that religious CRAP.

    The “good old days”.. .BS.

  11. When I listen to NW , I feel sorry for a host like Mcomb. He has been there long enough to remember when NW actually was relevant . You dont need to go back to the 50s 60s or 70s. You can go back to the early 2000s.
    Imagine Sept 11 2001. NW then sent a reporter to New York to report to the NW listeners first hand information. Today we get “parenting with Tim”. NW covered the death of Princess Diana by sending reporters to London. Today we get the “big 5″. We used to get automotive news on the weekend now we get ” Tim Dickers reviewing the weeks radio shows”. We used to get live call in every evening with David Berner and Stirling Faux. Now we get to listen to the 6pm TV news live on our radio. Imagine (cause when your listening to TV on the radio you had better be able to imagine) how many of us that dont have a TV appreciate this service. We used to get home repair advice on the weekends now we get infomercials for dentists lawyers, and travel services.
    Only a brain dead moron could try to compare NW today to NW of yesterday. You dont have to be old ,or cranky, or religious,or even bitter to enjoy good radio you just need to be able to think for yourself and understand that just maybe the government cant solve all of your problems. Ah to shallow and self absorbed and able to enjoy pablum.

  12. To all Fogies trying to convince me that the Old Days were better.

    You don’t have to. You’re right.

    Now move the Eff on. Seriously?!

    This is a world dominated by new content and ideas AND none of you octogenarians get that.

    In THIS world NW had adapted well. They ain’t the best, they got work to do, but they’re trying.

    More than you, Dinosaurs.

    Don’t @ me

  13. Craig,

    Maybe you grew up in a world where you and all persons got participation trophies and maybe ribbons for finishing even in last place in events entered, but real life does not work that way.

    Your post above seems to admit you are ok with mediocrity, with shallow news reporting as well as shallow content by hosts on news talk radio. Well sunshine not all people are ok with that. Many of us and I’m not and old fogy either do not support in giving high fives for just showing up.

    If you or any person where said to come over and help me move to a new home. But you came over just as I closed up the back door of the now emptied out moving van and my family and friends who showed up earlier and are wiping sweat off our brows having a beer and pizza, well expect no high fives ok?

    Simple fact is one often only sees their failings and may see to improve things only if they are shown said failings. This is why many of us use in this case MSM news talk radio of the past and how they worked it as compared to much of it today. Simply this CKNW and most new talk radio today are shells of their former selves. Listeners only get a taste of news and very little talk that challenges issues that matter, are of true public interest and challenges their own critical thinking.

    Talk radio always had fluff pieces and segments, but those were more rare filler back in the day, not common place as they are now.

    So again you may be ok with giving in example our market CKNW or CBC Radio One, HIGH FIVES for just showing up and turning on the lights, plugging in microphones and firing up the transmitters. Others here young and old may want and expect more.

    Yes, we have many alternative to MSM, news, news talk etc. That Craig is not a proverbial get out of jail free card. Your attitude will only see news and new talk radio continue its decline and that is a sad thing.

  14. Well Les H. , you had me there for a while, but then you slipped into that, “moving van, back door,pizza thing” … well, everyone forgets to take their medication occasionally.

    – In the mid 1990’s, CBC Radio’s demographic was slipping the over the age of 58.
    Note: The CBC is a publicly funded broadcaster.
    Canada’s population isn’t over 58.
    They HAD to change, and they did.
    Some of the programming over the last decade has been bad, much of has been new, different, and very, very good.

    Re: CKNW.
    Are they trying to be CBC Radio 1 with lots of commercials and community college content?
    Or- more likely- are they are copying the formula of some sister Chorus station in Toronto that none of us hear.
    The marketplace will decide how long that/they last.

  15. The entire debacle in local talk radio, in addition to the lack of education, critical thinking, oral and reading skills etc., can be summed up in the words of an experienced broadcaster who told me recently, ‘ambition often preceeds skill.’

  16. All you old guys get over it! If NW is so bad it wouldn’t be where it is! Now get over it already and move on with the times! Don’t like it then load your tape player with old stuff and get some headphones! Those days are done! I like NW and I don’t like that boring old deep voice radio!

  17. Shane, let me guess Parenting with Tim is your hi-lite part of CKNW daily right? Or any of the other FLUFF pieces of blather and often bland, boring or clueless blather from these ‘producers’ yakking and filling up air time on the cheap either with the tired older host (tired McComb who phones it in more and more now) or simply all the rest of shallow and and leftist SJW hosts on CKNW daily. Fer gawd sake even Adler has contracted much of left coast liberalism disease.

  18. Responding to “Just Sayin”:
    “Ambition often proceeds skill” … isn’t a bad thing,
    – It describes countless WW2 pilots under 25 yrs old.
    – And every rock band in Britain pre 1964.

  19. I am shocked that NW is #2 in the ratings which is a complete reflection on how dumb down our society is now based on the tabloid reporting and of course doing reports on what the advertisers want to hear. I have kids in their 20’s and I have worked hard to point out the complete biased one side reporting which is so prevalent in today’s media. Thankfully they get it, but of course in this open society we can’t express opinions as you get mocked or possibly beaten up by Antifa for not wanting communism.

    I would love for one day for a media company to have the stones to air an Alex Jones just so there would be some issues discussed which are no go zones for the likes of NW. Of course anyone who has not listened to Alex Jones immediately mocks him as this or that but as we know they are just repeating what they have been told. If you listen to him for a week along with his amazing guests you will then most likely see there is no going back to brain dead radio. I won’t hold my breath for a local station to pick him up as he would certainly be #1 in his time slot within 3 months….luckily I have Bluetooth and listen to him while I am commuting.

    Hopefully one day our schools will get back to teaching critical thinking!!!!

  20. Why would you be surprised NW is #2?

    Look at how many threads on this site are about NW. Every second thread is people bitching about it.

    Bitching….but still listening, evidently.

  21. Can you relics please get over yourself? There are 2 reasons Roundhouse had poor ratings neither due to it’s programming. It’s signal is lousy. I live at Cambie and 16th area. I can’t get it in my car some days (interference). The second is people looking for that type of programming gave up on the radio a long time ago or if they’re still around, they’re locked into the CBC.

    As for 980 and the so called content, you do realize it’s not 1974 anymore. Are you so arrogant you imagine radio is the only source of broadcasting. Did you EVER ONCE CONSIDER that maybe radio has dumbed down it’s product because that’s what it’s audience wants? It’s a different world than 1974, you realize that right? I happen to be a big fan of music, but I never listen to FM radio. Why would I. I don’t go to FM radio for music. So if I wanted in depth intelligence discussion why would I go to terrestrial radio

    Things change. Get over it. And let’s start with left leaning programming. The only reason you label it that is because you disagree with it. Any wonder with the number of Trump supporters here. Hey, how’s that going for you now anyway? Vancouver and region is a left leaning city. BUSINESS *GASP* serves it’s market. I realize that’s a difficult challenge for a bunch of old white guys living out in Langley, but that’s how it works. If you don’t like what 980 is doing, here’s my advice. Shut it off.

  22. You have to remember that the market share NW or any other station has is based on a ‘universe’ figure which is getting smaller rather than growing thanks to all the alternatives people have like podcasts, internet radio, online music services, the good old-fashioned iPod and all the rest of the services taking away traditional share from radio. So local radio is getting less and less relevant you just would never know it by looking at percentages of diminishing radio listeners.

    As for Alex Jones, what surprises me is that probably 75% of what the guy says turns out to be true, his rants do take away from his credibility with the mainstream listener though.

  23. What is wrong with radio is personified by both CBC and ‘NW. Back when I started in the business, one had to be a professional to do well on the air. One need not listen long to either the CBC-to which we once looked for proper pronunciation and grammar among other professional qualities-or ‘NW to see that professionalism is nowhere to be found. Primitive pronunciation and grammar errors abound on both stations and though I don’t listen to any of the others with the exception of 1130 on occasion when a spences diamonds commercial is on “NW, I have no doubt the rot is found there as well.

  24. October 2/2017 (10am) Alex Jones is breaking live on air a text he received from a person (FBI/Military Op) who entered the room to take down the Las Vegas Shooter. The text said the room was full of Antifa items and pictures of his wife in the middle east. Will this Antifa news make the MSM….Not a chance as controlled media is not aloud to report the truth if you want to keep your job….Another reason not to listen to CBC or NW.

  25. @Trev16,

    Let’s see. First his wife is from the Philippines not the Middle East. Secondly, the shooter killed himself as per the police report. As for the claim FBI/Military Op sent a text with private information I find that hard to believe. That would be a violation of protocol & in many cases those phones have texting disabled because it’s risk to national security. Good try though.

  26. Irvine,

    Thanks for pointing out that ISIS followers only come from the Middle East. I will just ignore Edmonton from a few weeks ago. Alex Jones has the inside scoop because people inside the administration are leaking info to him because they want the truth to come out. The question to ask is why are the so called reporters not asking any of the important questions at the press conferences? Like why is Laura Loomer reporting (showing documents) that the shooter checked into hotel a few days earlier than the FBI reporting? Another question would be who were the couple warning the concert attendees up near the stage that they were all going to die that night? Also why is goo gle trying to remove the video interview of the young lady who told the local TV station reporter what this couple was saying 45 minutes before the shooting?


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