After 12 Years, Former NDP Cabinet Minister is Out at CBC ‘Early Edition’


  • Moe Sihota had his ups and downs as a cabinet minister, but he really hit his stride as a broadcaster on the CBC Radio One morning program.

For 12 years, Moe Sihota has been a fixture on the Vancouver CBC Radio One political panel on Monday mornings.

The former NDP cabinet minister and ex-party president was a masterful spinner and debater for his team as a procession of B.C. Liberal voices came and went on the Early Edition program.

At different times, Sihota parried with Erin Airton, Colin Hansen, Terry Lake, and other B.C. Liberals.

More recently, Green party councillor Adriane Carr was added to the panel in recognition of her party’s presence inside the legislature.

As a cabinet minister, Sihota had his ups and downs. Anyone who’s followed B.C. politics knows that.

He did a terrific job expanding the public park system as the minister of environment. But he also ran into trouble when he bullied Motor Carrier Commission staff on behalf of his friend, Herb Dhaliwal, who was trying to obtain licences for his limousine company.

But as a broadcaster, Sihota was truly in his element.

Quick to call out others’ B.S. and suitably assertive in the cut and thrust of talk radio, he still managed to stick to his party’s key talking points.

This morning, the Early Edition‘s fill-in host, Stephen Quinn, announced that today would be the last time listeners would hear the B.C. political panel.

That’s because the program will be unveiling new regular features for the fall season.

Sihota graciously thanked the station for giving him a platform for so many years.

Methinks part of the reason is that CBC Radio One is facing stiffer competition from CKNW now that Jon McComb has hit his stride as Philip Till’s replacement. CBC Radio One is also aiming for younger audiences, though there’s no reason to think that someone as articulate as Sihota wouldn’t appeal to listeners of all ages.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Premier John Horgan is about to appoint Sihota to a key position, which would necessitate his departure from the show.

It’s worth noting that the populist McComb has struck a chord with listeners who never cottoned onto Till’s stuffier approach. McComb is a veteran of the talk-show wars and knows that launching campaigns for various causes over the radio can build an audience.


Jon McComb
CKNW Radio host Jon McComb is less ideologically predictable than some others who’ve worked as morning hosts on CKNW.


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But this morning, at least, I’m going to give credit to Sihota for a job well done. If McComb is paying attention, he might want to snap him up for his program.

If Sihota is given a prime spot at 7:45 a.m. on Mondays with a B.C. Liberal commentator like Hanson or Lake, CKNW just might steal a chunk of CBC Radio One’s morning listeners.

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  1. McComb USED to be good to listen to.

    But now… are LITERALLY not allowed to be on the air at CKNW unless you are an Alt-Left anti-Trump all white males are NAZI s broadcaster. Its disgusting. Trump Russian Meddling nazi nazi nazi all day everyday.

    How are advertisers making any money paying CKNW? I will NEVER buy anything from an advertiser that plays its goods on that Left Wingbat station.

  2. McComb has ‘hit his side…’
    CKNW has become CBC Light…Everything politically correct, ‘sunny ways’ and boring.
    It’s only interesting when Bruce Allan & Mike Campbell are on air..
    Moe will find a new outlet soon.

  3. Paul Smith

    Correction Paul. Bruce Allen is now clearly Alt Left. Michael Campbell is the only balanced person left on CKNW.

  4. Yup…….listened to Bruce Allen’s reality check today……..

    Tear down all the statues, monuments, paintings etc etc etc……he even called the 15% “CHINESE MONEY LAUNDERING” tax…..a head tax.

    CLEARLY…..Bruce Allen is being told what to say and how to say it. CKNW is dead.

  5. Expect Moe to turn up at either NW or Roundhouse Radio next – with their ideological leanings (basically the CBC with commercials), either one would be a fit for him.

  6. Interesting read on Bruce Allen Richard…
    Alt Left…Really?
    Bruce Allen being told what to say by ‘NW? Not in our lifetime..
    He’s wealthy and would leave ‘NW/Virus in a New York minute if they ever played with his editorial content..

  7. Paul you need to listen to some of his most recent “Reality Checks” then. All he does is bash Trump just like the rest of the Phake News Destroy Trump media…….

    And if he is so wealthy…..why is he wasting his time with his “Reality Drivel”….on CKNW?

  8. as we hear time and again, Top Dog radio is long time gone. I can honestly say, I don’t ever recall such political bias as we hear on NW today. The sad part is its all on the left side of the political spectrum. All Pro Obama/Clinton/Trudeau and Horgan, not to forget Notley and Wynne. With the latest realization Bruce Allen has now adopted the hate Trump trumpet, plus the fact all open line hosts on the station are all on the same page, as instructed by the american liberal democrat PD, comrad Gifford. What a sad state of affairs.

  9. Richard I have wondered the same about Allen, when you hear some of his reports from major cities around the world you have to wonder why he needs the hassle.

    As for Sihota he would fit in fine at NW and pass the on air employee SJW quiz very easily.

  10. Some very interesting commentary here.

    Let me start by saying this.

    While he was in Government Chairman Moe never ever did the Tax Payers anything in the way of “Value” for his Salary, Benefits, or Pension.

    I was not aware that he was on CBC, but to be honest I have not tuned into CBC Radio once single time in my whole life. Would not even know where to look for them on the Radio Dial.

    Who knows, he may very well end up securing a position on CKNDP (NW) but it would make no difference to me as I gave up on CKNDP over a year ago.

    As far as I am concerned CKNDP is nothing different than the NDP Farm League!

    It makes me laugh how the 10:00 AM Host tries to pretend she is middle of the road when in fact she is a huge supporter of anything NDP.

    Yes, those on this Blog that point out McComb has turned “Sharp Left” are 100% correct. Do not know exactly hat changed in his life but he is definitely a Hater of the B.C. Liberals and it is obvious he despised Christy Clark. Having said that I am sure that like most B.C. Liberal Supporters have no use for CC now after she managed to “Grasp Defeat from the Jaws of Victory”!!

    Clark deserves credit for winning the 2013 Election but to me it looks like she deserves the biggest part of the blame for giving our Province to Horgan and Weaver.

    It makes me sick to see Anarchist David Eby as B.C. AG!!! That move alone showed me that Horgan has no respect for the B.C. Tax Payer and citizens.

    I do make an effort to listen to Michael Campbell. Even if you do not like Campbell he still has the most important 90 minutes on Radio in Canada. He has great guests, that are knowledgeable, they provide insight and they are on top of anything Financial.

    I also make an effort to listen to Bruce and agree with him 85% of the time.

    As mentioned up the page I have noticed that on a few topics as of late he seemed to wobble a bit and took what looks like a Leftist/Liberal stance a fw times.

    Let’s hope he gets back to his old self, he may have been affected by Forest Fire Smoke.

    It appears to me that the CKNDP PD is Far Left and he has his Minions taking the same tone on air. Of course it is not hard to convince most of them but I remain very frustrate with McComb and I have quit listening.

    I am only guessing but I believe the direction the PD is taking NW will soon alienate most of the listenership over 50 years of age.

    Interestingly enough it is those over 50 that have the Money to invest in Sidewalks, Fireplaces, Roofs, BMW, Mercedes, Chev, Jeep, Alpha, Automobiles, Funerals with ageing Parents, Jewelry, Appliances,and the rest.

    I wonder when all of those advertisers will wake up and realize that the Demo that the NW PD is after have no money and purchase NONE of those goods.

    If I was running WX I would hire Michael Smyth for the 10:00 AM Slot opposite NW and then offer Jill Bennet from NW the after noon time slot. I believe it would only be a matter of weeks before most of the NW Listeners would make the switch.

    McComb was Fair and Balanced and he had no “Sacred Cows”, that was fine with me because he had no bias. Now? He seems to be a critic of anything “Free Enterprise” and that is a big mistake.

  11. BMCQ

    CKNW – CORUS – PHAKE NEWS MEDIA – is totally ALT LEFT/Establishment. That is exactly why Trump was elected. Republican/DemoRAT – SAME THING

    The next 4 years will either bring in more Tyranny or the beginning of the Liberty we “used to” have.

  12. Richard it’s okay to bash Trump if you are not a leftist. I am anything but a left winger and I am getting sick of Trumps “Bull in a china shop” antics. Bruce does sound a little more center right these days. Maybe he is mellowing a bit, but it’s the only 90 seconds I listen to on that station

  13. Mcomb has gone from a balanced credible radio personality to an NDP flunky. If you want to hear balanced views on NW 98 you will have to tune in Sat and Sunday early to the Jill Bennett show.
    IMO the jury is still out on Bruce Allen. Mike Smyth is another reason to still tune in 980.
    I suppose its direction from Shaw/Corus that has destroyed NW. So be it. I agree that the sooner their advertisers realize that the new demo that Shaw Corus is aiming at doesnt give a rats ass about retirement homes or investment advice or funeral plans the sooner they yank their dollars.

  14. BTW the idea of Mcomb creating a segment where Moe debates is interesting . Sadly Mcomb would likely pick a Liberal like the Gordon Campbells exe aid Gordon Brown? ( not sure of his name) This man is always touted as a Liberal insider but in reality he is an NDP supporter and spin doctor. Most of the debates on NW have become two NDPers arguing over whom they need to appease today, enviros or public sector unions.

  15. Rod

    I am not suggesting it is not okay to “criticize” any president from time to time. But to do it all day every day 24 hours a day. Saying words like “White Guys” by people like Nikki Reitmyer, Jody Vance and Lynda Steele implying we are all “White Supremists”, NEVER acknowledging the good work Trump is doing…..

    See where this is going? ALL of CKNW is like this except for Michael Campbell. They are 100% controlled by the Hillary Clinton Establishment……..

  16. Richard, take a look at the source of the comments—primarily cast-offs and wannabe talk show hosts, told to be controversial but no idea what that means in this format. Generally, uneducated, little if any deep knowledge of the issues, and obviously no skilled direction from their manager. This station is doing it on ‘the cheap’.

  17. Richard

    It was only a few years ago where Obama and the Dems controlled the Senate, the House, and had about 34 out of 50 State Governors.

    The GOP now control the Senate, the House, and I believe 34 States now have Republican Governors with 15 Dems and 1 Independent.

    Those that thought Obama was popular are dreaming. We all know how unreliable Polls are don’t we President Hillary.

    In fact I believe when Higher Purpose Uber Liberal Politicians like Obama, Michelle and others went out and campaigned for HRC it actually hurt her chances.

    DJT is not perfect but he is much better than 8 more years of Obama under HRC.

    Trump needs to tone down on the tweeting and stay on the Teleprompter, he does not articulate well and he quite often sends out a mixed message.

    Media like CNN, MSNBC,, NYT, WaPo and the rest are still fighting the last Election and they will do everything to continue to play the Anti Trump narrative by playing up the Russian Story, trying to frame Trump as a Racist and Anti Semite,. They really have nothing else to use against him.

    DJT must change quickly and he must refrain from giving them the ammunition they use to attack him.

    If he could manage keep his Feet out of his own Mouth the Media would soon be out of Ammunition to use against him.

    I am with you in thinking that they may eventually do great harm to themselves and they may lose much of their audience.

  18. I doubt that it will happen but……. it would be so nice if this thread gained enough traction to at least put a small brake application to NWs race to be a politically correct, meaningless waste of the air waves. Enough of the Liberal bashing by the hosts. Return to balance. Return to having some respect as a news organization. I wonder if Shaw/Corus has some sort of deal with CNN to dumb down all of their properties to the point of complete irrelevance.

  19. Interesting the article ignores Moe’s pimpled past. His screwing up the Bud Smith affair, his questionable career as a lawyer ( I believe he is disbarred is he not?) among many other warts.

    I disagree with the clearly ideologically driven complaints about JM. Aside from the occasional appearances by Mike Smyth, JM’s demeanor and presentations are the best ‘NW can offer. Silly Sara is, as portrayed here, PC and so NDP I’ll be she has pink-eye. This aside from the fact she is a boring as watching paint dry. Followed by the completely forgettable Wonder From Down Under and his partner in criminal broadcasting. Winding up the disasters of the day is the Prince Of Pomposity himself. A man so enamoured with his own voice, the comments of his guests and listeners take a distant third.


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