Great Interview with the late Glen Campbell by Red Robinson

Glen Campbell


Thanks to Red Robinson for sharing these two clips of an interview with the late Glen Campbell…

from Red’s website

Hearing that one of my favourite performers had died shook me. I knew Glen Campbell had dementia and it would eventually take his life, but the reality of his passing hit me hard. Here is one of the most talented performers ever. He was a much in-demand session player, admired by his peers and a genuinely nice person.

I did many interviews with Glen over the years and the last time was at Vancouver’s PNE where he appeared with his daughter. You could see that he was struggling but he presented his show like the professional he was. I miss him greatly.


Part Two…


Seattle Radio Legend Pat O’Day joins Red for the last Red’s Diner on CISL 650 on August 27 (more info HERE 


  1. Hello Red,
    Its been a while since I spoke with you, I remember the old days when the “IGNITERS” car club
    was active, I also remember moving your “brand new 57 Ford convertible from a Shell Station
    opening that you were MC’ing because you didn’t want to get it dinged with so many people
    there at the opening, That station was out in Kerrisdale. Its always a sad day when one of our
    old buddies passes on although he leaves behind so many fond memories, Glen was an except-
    ional person & entertainer. He will be dearly missed. I trust this note reaches you in good
    health & hope you never stop what you started so many years ago at CJOR

    Best Regards

    Doug Herd
    VIP Parking Equipment Ltd
    780 425 3582


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