Seattle Radio Legend Pat O’Day to join Red Robinson on Final CISL Red’s Diner


from Red’s Facebook page…

I’m thrilled to announce that old friend and legendary KJR/Seattle jock Pat O’Day will be my guest on the final Red Rock Diner show Sunday, August 27 from 12-4pm on CISL 650 Join me won’t you? Pat and I had a lot of fun together over the years, and we had more fun yesterday in beautiful Friday Harbor recording these promos for the show. Bonus: a couple of those unforgettable KJR jingles so we can all sing along. Enjoy!





  1. The upcoming show will be one for the books. Er, tape deck, er, cd player, er, cellphone, oh hell, just listen and record on whatever device you think will be around for years, months, days. Whatever you record it on should be around at least as long as Red and Pat!
    Have a ball you two!

  2. Trying to contact Red Robinson. We go back a long ways, KGW 1959. When Red left KGW in Portland, the weekend guy took Red’s spot and I got the weekend gig. But my question for Red I have always been under the impression that Red left KGW to join the Army, US Army? Never made any sense to me so I would like to hear Red’s version.
    I went on to a major career in radio, 23 stations in 17 years, all formats, all positions. 3 years with Wolfman Jack, as the Nazz on XERB, pioneer of FM Rock Radio Los Angeles, network experience at KABC ~ FM in Los Angeles, three simultaneous stations in Oregon driving 150 miles a day with three different formats, three different names, all call letters starting with KG.
    I am doing an audiobiography of my disc jockey days and my high sea adventures on September 12, 2017 here in Sooke with a few media folks in attendance. If you are free that day it would probably be entertaining. Call me 250~642~6669 or return email


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