Red Welcomes Entertainment Industry Legend Bruce Allen to join him on his final show on CISL

Bruce Allen and Red Robinson prepare for Red’s Diner radio show on CISL


From Red’s Facebook page

My friend and entertainment industry legend Bruce Allen has accepted my invitation to join Pat O’Day and me on the Red Rock Diner finale Sunday, August 27 from 12-4 pm on CISL 650!

Bruce and I go way back: he was an 11-year old kid in the audience when I presented Bill Haley and The Comets at Vancouver’s Kerrisdale Arena in 1956! He’s been a true friend over the decades, but he tells me he’s had enough of me retiring!

We recorded these promos in his Vancouver office yesterday. Just for “fun” I’ve included a finger-snapping classic C-FUN jingle from the “Go-Go” era in 1966.

Bruce Allen, Pat O’Day and the music we love… a once-in-a lifetime event you won’t want to miss. Sunday, August 27 from 12-4 pm on CISL 650!

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  1. While it’s sad to see CISL go, I am loving all this radio history! I am guessing that the changeover is going to happen on the 28th?

  2. Bruce Allen is an official libtard snowflake now. Did you hear his “Reality Check” the other day where he said Trump has not fulfilled ANY of his election promises? What a load of horse dung….. Apparently everyone can be bought…..

  3. I think Allen’s wrong regarding Trump. He’s doing his best (and he has fulfilled some of his promises so far), but the constant interference of the Democrats and the liberal media cheerleaders (as well as certain RINOs) doesn’t make things easy. Trump, however, thrives on challenges and it’s what has gotten him to where he is today.

  4. Bruce Allen is a hypocrite. For a man who constantly derides the less fortunate on the downtown Eastside from the comfort of his own Trump Tower is sickening. Does he not realize many of our homeless and disease-afflicted are from Aboriginal communities. So he and his media bosses who allow his diatribes are nothing more than rich, white guys just like Mr. Trump. We do not have to look south to see and hear divisive bullying of the less fortunate. We have it right here and every day on the radio with Mr. Allen. I for one refuse to listen to him and certainly would not support any advertiser who sponsors his ignorant points of view and comments.

  5. Yet again, Trump Nation (Canadian chapter) goes off on a tangent, totally unrelated to the posting at hand. Give it a break, guys (somehow I doubt the posters are ladies). This is an item to alert those wishing to follow news about Red’s pending retirement. It will likely be a very big deal for weekend telecasts that usually crave personality events to offset the slow-news, dog days of summer.

    Pat O’Day, Bruce Allen…I’m sure more heavyweight guests will be announced. Great photo, by the way. One of the most colourful jukeboxes I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    As for the Trumpsters and/or Bruce Allen critics…why don’t one of you pen a PSR posting describing your disappointment in his views vis a vis American politics or anything else about him that ticks you off. Be specific, give examples and let it all hang out.

    After all, the worst Mr Allen can do is track you down and punch you in the nose. (Rock and roll myth has it that, back in the BTO days, Bruce was so ticked at opening act Brownsville Station trying to take a second encore, that he literally stopped Cub Koda in his backstage tracks.)

  6. My apologies for lumping “Marg” in with the “guys.” The Trump administration has, indeed, achieved quite a bit through executive orders and regulation changes. Legislation? Not so much as McConnell and Ryan are dealing with their respective cats-in-need-of-herding caucuses.

    My main point remains: It seems a bit disrespectful of Red Robinson to use this informational posting about his looming retirement to tear political strips off one of his planned guests.

    Bruce Allen is more than worthy of his own posting to which PSR viewers can weigh in, pro and con. Just kidding about him potentially assaulting critics. He seems to have a pretty tough skin after years of parrying complaints from listeners, politicians and regulators over his flinty views.

    Don’t know for sure if Bruce’s mythologized coldcocking of Cub Koda actually occurred. If it did, it clearly didn’t affect the intelligence of the leader of one-hit wonder Brownsville Station. Cub turned into a damn fine rock scribe. I believe he passed a number of years back.


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