Megyn Kelly’s NBC Show Is Stuck In A Bad Pattern

Megyn Kelly’s new show has disappointing ratings. (NBC via Getty Images)
by Lydia O’Connor


NBC host Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night news magazine has lost viewers every week since its June debut, and last weekend’s episode was no exception.

The July 16 episode of “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly,” a spotlight on sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, raked in 3.1 million viewers, according to Nielsen data, marking the show’s lowest viewer turnout since its June debut. This past Sunday’s episode, the sixth to air, earned a 0.4 rating in the sought-after 18-49 age demographic, which means that a mere 0.4 percent of those in that age group participating in Nielsen’s rating service watched the show.

The ratings are the latest in a disappointing pattern for the show: Viewership has dropped with each episode since its debut. The show’s premiere episode, an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, debuted to 6.1 million viewers, though even that lagged behind the “60 Minutes” episode airing that night.

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  1. Tv Guy

    Great observation !

    That is where the Show belongs.

    Kelly is most overrated and she is only a Legend in Her Own Mind and her own House.

    She may even get some traction on MSNBC but none of that viewership will come from
    My House/1

  2. It’s at an odd time…plus I’ve never seen any promo’s for the show (except for the first episode)…no wonder it’s ‘lagging’.

  3. Give Sunday Night time…and some “scoop” news stories. Miss Megyn only takes on one segment of each show’s three. That’s the number of stories featured on 60 Minutes which airs in the same 7 pm Sunday slot.

    Going up against 60 Minute’s might seem madness. But, I think that venerable CBS program is vulnerable. The show’s muckraking investigation stories seem as long gone as Mike Wallace. More importantly, 60 Minutes essentially goes to reruns when spring arrives.

    NBC has a deep global bench for reportage to augment Ms Kelly. Because of the 24/7 obsession with Trump Times on cable networks, there’s an enormous number of major and interesting topics falling through the cracks.

    It does seem odd that the show is not repeated on MSNBC later Sunday night or, say, the following Friday or Saturday night (before Lockup).

    Don’t sell Megyn short. She’s a good communicator and more telegenic than ever. For many of the roughly sixty percent of Americans put off by Trump, she also personifies one of the few media celebrities to publicly challenge The Donald to his face about his numerous anti-woman outbursts. A cynic might say, Trump made Megyn a household name when– a day or two after that debate confrontation–he rationalized the criticisms as being due to her “bleeding from everywhere.”

    And, yes, she parlayed the ensuing avalanche of notoriety into tough contract renegotiations with FOX, before accepting the NBC deal. Who wouldn’t?

  4. Van TV Guy: Maybe if she gets moved to MSNBC, it might stop the “bleeding from everywhere” as Trumphie once said, including the bleeding of her audience…. (sigh)

  5. notapennypinchingcon:

    Given how low MSNBC’s viewership is compared with NBC and Fox News, a move for Kelly to fake news-hawking MSNBC would result in a further slide south in viewer numbers.


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