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Annoyed by Camera Ban, Fox News Guy Walks out of White House Briefing

By David K. Li, New York Post       July 18, 2017

A Fox News reporter and President Trump’s spokeswoman traded biting barbs on Tuesday over the White House’s camera-free press briefings.

When FNC’s John Roberts, a critic of the no-camera policy, left the press briefing of Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she quipped: “John Roberts is bored today, he’s stepping out.”

The not-so-amused Roberts fired back: “If it (the press briefing) was on camera, I might not be.”

Roberts was stepping out to appear via satellite with FNC anchor Shepard Smith.

“To all who are musing over me leaving the @SHSanders45 Briefing … I have a live shot,” Roberts later tweeted.

“Had the brief been on camera, it would have been on TV, not me. I would have waited until it was over.”

The White House has barred cameras from its daily briefings since June 29.

(The Toronto-born Roberts started his career as a radio DJ and Much Music VeeJay in Canada before moving to TV news.)


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  1. Poor JD. He can’t stand the thought of not being seen. A true narcissist, just like all his media brothers and sisters, who believe in their self-importance to the degree that when they feel the they’ve been slighted in the smallest way, they throw a hissy fit. May I remind all private broadcasters, you are not owed anything by anyone just like any other business.

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