How the media killed free speech


Freedom Of Speech

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July 2, 2017


One of the reasons free speech is under attack in Canada is that we in the media have failed to defend it.

We mock people who question the theory of man-made global warming as lunatics, scaring them into silence.

But we let politicians like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau babble on unchallenged about his so-called “carbon pricing” scheme that anyone who can add knows will never lower greenhouse gas emissions the way his government is promising.

We unfairly and hysterically attacked Sen. Lynn Beyak for making the truthful statement that not every residential school was a horror show — a view shared even by some of Canada’s indigenous people who were in them.

We avoid making any connection between Islam and terrorism, even when the terrorists themselves scream out the link in the midst of terrorizing us, because, in our arrogance, we believe our audiences are not as smart as we are, and are incapable of distinguishing between the majority of Muslims who do not engage in terrorism, and the minority who do.

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  1. All speech is free speech, hate speech included. Laws are already in place to protect society from speech that incites violence and/or panic, also to protect people from defamation, liable or slander.

    Any laws to restrict speech will not have the effect of protection said virtue signalers hope. Forcing people from expressing themselves and what’s on their mind does not end hate and mistrust, only makes people feeling under said attacks more angry.

    If the side who want to shut people up cannot debate and challenge those who they disagree with and/or feel are only speaking hate, they then lose any argument as they have no point to back up properly.

    Your feelings being hurt should not matter to the freedom of society to express itself and its thoughts through speech.

    If I had a buck for each time I have had my feelings hurt by some ahole’s or b*tches speech I could buy a new car. I just decided to realize my hurt feelings are my problem and to put an ahole’s or b*tches words/speech in proper place, a figurative garbage can. That or I can choose to discuss and debate with them why they feel such.

  2. Les. I am in complete agreement. It is incredulous how anyone can even consider the concept that the government can have authority over speech. Free speech is self-evident and God-given if you will.

    It is quite funny though, how there seem to be 6 million reasons why we regulate what 7 Billion can or cannot say.

  3. Actually FREE SPEECH has never been more free utilizing technology. Why do you think all the Phake News MSM companies are collapsing.


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