Home with Forbes and Marshall June! Summers Here!



We figured it was time for another Podcast and vowed to make a promise to bring the best of your HOME here on Vancouver Island more consistant. Our friend Taylor Caspersen has a very important day coming up soon on July 8th.  After a six year journey, he’s recorded enough songs to make a complete album called “After All These Years” . He’s so stoked about it, that he asked to be featured again on our netwaves AND he’s booked an entire performance hall to show you what he’s got! Listen to this young man pick up any instrument we say and play it!  Incredible. What do you call someone from Shirley? We’ll find out. Pat Thomas also takes us on a ride with “Life In The Pat Lane”


One unexpected bonus on our trek out to Sooke was a chance encounter with Phil. He’s the South African with the enfectious smile and is a self described “love bug” His hugs are amazing. Shirley Delicious is like walking into a earthy new age surfer bar with a Cheers-esque feeling that everybody really does know your name. The food is amazing and the atmosphere makes you want to kick off your shoes and stay awhile. No shirt no shoes? No problem. We talk to Phil who delivers a simple but powerful life philosophy. Seems even the New York Times felt this island vibe.

HOME with Forbes and Marshall: This Kid Can Play and Shirley IS Delicious!





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