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Producer Satiar Shah Leaves TSN 1040 for Host Gig at Sportsnet 650??


Sportsnet is slated to begin an all-sports station at AM 650.

Things are starting to get interesting in the all-sports radio world in Vancouver. Various sources state that Satiar Shah, the producer for TSN 1040’s Bro Jake Show, has left the station and is heading to Sportsnet 650, which is slated to start up in time for the hockey season.

Some in the know in the media think he’s getting a host spot. Some think he’s going for a similar type role he had at 1040.

There’s been no official word from either side, and certainly no word on a time slot or who he might be partnering up with if it’s a host post. He has dropped the 1040 tag from his Twitter handle.

Shah did get plenty of air time with Jake and David Pratt, and certainly proved to be a vocal, opinionated type during those stints.

He’s also been a contributor to Canucks Army.

Sportsnet 650 recently named Craig MacEwen as its program director. He’s best known for his TV time at Sportsnet, although he’s also a Sports Page alum.

It was announced last March at Sportsnet had landed the Canucks radio rights.


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  1. I have been wondering when the bloodletting at TSN1040 will start, I assume this might be after this week with the NHL draft, after that the organization can’t really afford all the on-air staff that they currently have during the day when all they do is carry a game or two/week from the Lions or Whitecaps. I see they are even pumping up Vancouver Canadians baseball games as well, not sure if that will go over that well with the audience numbers as most of the attraction with the Canadians is the beer and the ballpark.
    It will be interesting to see how it all shakes down and how many sports stations Vancouver is left with by the end of the summer.

  2. By the end of the summer? Mark, Sportsnet won’t even have started by the end of the summer.

    This is really interesting. I don’t think there’s room for two stations here, but I may be wrong. And I also think that as much as 1040 gets ripped, it’s really tough to bring a brand new station from stratch against an established one with 15, 20 years of experience.

    will be very interesting to watch…or listen.

  3. Toronto (GTA) a market with many more “major” teams in an area of 7 million has 2 stations.
    2 stations in the Lower Mainland means tons of red ink, and 1 station going non-sports within 24 months of Sportsnet 650 going live.
    I know few folks who listen to Canuck radio broadcasts any longer, including our 3 sons under 34 who fit demographics advertisers like..
    They’re football & basketball fans, both college/pro..

  4. Well, considering that ‘NW completely got out of the sports talk show business, I’d say that having two all sports stations is completely fair game for a market the size of Vancouver. I think that if the Vancouver Canucks can be revitalized in 2017 and finally change their losing ways, (a big IF) sports radio in Van could have a revival. Regarding the alleged “bloodletting” at TSN, LOL , whose blood, certainly not yours, Mark !


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