POLL: Canadians OPPOSE Media Bailout



by Spencer Fernando


June 16, 2017

As the Trudeau government thinks of new ways to steal our money and give it to wealthy media elites, a new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians oppose bailing out the media.

The poll conducted by Abacus Data asked the following question: “Do you think the federal government has a responsibility to do something to make sure there are strong local media serving communities across Canada, or do you think this is not an area where government should get involved?”

56% of Canadians said there should be no government involvement, while 44% said the federal government has the responsibility to do something.

Even though the question is clearly skewed towards generating pro-bailout answers, a majority of respondents in every province opposed bailing out the media. Even in Canada’s urban centres, a majority opposed a media bailout, with the exception of Montreal, where a bare majority of 51% want the government to get involved.

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  1. I’m tired of governments being pulled to play tax payer bailouts and political subsidies. The jerk face governments at all levels play PICK AND CHOOSE as to who they bailout or subsidize. It flies in the face of free market ideals.

    Governments are here to provide essential services to the nation and its people, not play political footy with companies and industries. It should create a many regulations as required to keep commerce/business/industries on the level, but as few regulations as possible and not to use regulations as a back door tax grab or other political interference.

    By being prudent in what regs governments put out , keeps governments out of the way as much as possible, but still offers society and business a level of prudence in security and safety. This will make any and all industries more competitive. It will allow the smarter and better run industries/companies to profit more and thus create more wealth and by such more tax revenues for government to operate essential services that society needs.

    Any business or industry that feels they need government intervention of operations and/or subsidies deserve to fail. These subsidies of any and all types only cause businesses to be fatter an less efficient as they get use to being on the dole. They will fall and and fail harder as an end result.

    Businesses come and go everyday, but most never get any political subsides as they have no true ability really lobby. LIMITED GOVERNMENT STOPS LOBBYISTS IN THEIR TRACKS!!!

    If you can’t make your business work and/or your greater industry work then you should fail and from your proverbial business/industry ashes a new business and /or industry will rise.

    Free up true competition, keep regs that protect commerce, society and free business in place but reduce as many frivolous regs as possible as most regs are used mostly as back door tax grabs.

    The more government gets out of the way of business and society the freer and better both society and business/industry will be. Looking towards government as a solution, will 99% or higher of the time be a failure and your partner in the government will be a abusive one.

    Government has place in a society, but it should be a limited as required and should be kept in its place.

  2. Remember when pay tv was coming? We thought it meant commercial free. Har de har!I don’t support the subsidy just as I didn’t support the production fund being funded by subscribers instead of industry as designed.

  3. This is hilarious, when you publish nonsense it really questions credibility, which is really all you have behind your name. And now, none.

  4. @ Rasterman — OMG! I TOTALLY forgot about that! You are so right. It drove me crazy at the time. I couldn’t believe that we had to pay for something that had commercials. I didn’t subscribe and the stench lingered: I was a very early cord cutter. Of course they blame people like me for killing TV. Um, no. Those wounds were self-inflicted.


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