PPM Radio Ratings .. Vancouver Feb. 27-May 28 2017


Radio Meter 2016-2017 Survey period: February 27, 2017 – May 28, 2017

Demographic: A12+ Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am

Geography: Vancouver CTRL

Data type: Respondent

Station                             AMA (000)               Daily Cume (000)                   Share (%)              Share Trend

CBU+  (Radio One)                   17.4                                 233.4                                 14.2                          -0.9

CHQMFM   (QM/FM)              13.1                                 393.6                                10.7                          -1.5

CKNW    (News/Talk)              12.6                                  167.8                                10.2                         -0.2

CFMIFM   (Rock 101)                9.5                                 235.6                                  7.7                          +0.7

CFBTFM   (Virgin Radio)         7.8                                 310.1                                   6.4                          +0.1

CJJRFM  (Country)                    7.1                                 138.2                                  5.8                          +0.8

CHLGFM  (LG 104.3)                6.6                                  171.8                                  5.4                          +0.8

CKWX    (News 1130)               6.1                                  193.2                                 5.0                          +0.1

CKZZFM   (Z96.3)                      5.8                                  247.7                                 4.8                           +0.2

CFOXFM   (The Fox)                 5.7                                  173.6                                  4.7                           -0.2

CJAXFM   (Jack FM)                  5.7                                 206.4                                  4.6                          +0.5

CKPKFM   (The Peak)               4.6                                  138.5                                  3.7                          +0.2

CKKSFM  (KiSS 104.9)            4.1                                   177.6                                 3.4                          +1.0

CKST      (TSN 1040)                  3.3                                     99.0                                 2.7                           -0.2

CBUFM (Radio Two)                 3.3                                     85.9                                 2.7                           -0.5

CISL  (AllTime Favorites)        3.2                                    70.1                                  2.6                          +0.1

KWPZFM    (Praise FM)           2.1                                    51.8                                  1.7                          –0.7

CHMJ  (All Traffic 730)             1.5                                   89.3                                  1.2                            n/c

CFTE       (TSN 1410)                   0.3                                    17.0                                  0.3                           n/c

CIRHFM(Roundhouse Radio) 0.0                                     1.0                                  0.0                           —


Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/Abbotsford)
Average Daily Universe: 2,257,000

TERMS Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.

Average Daily Cume(000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.

Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.

Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.




  1. Ron, thank you for posting these in a text-based format! QM is still in 2nd place but what’s with the 1.5 share drop? And despite not exactly being entertaining radio AM730 is doing OK.

  2. Not sure what is worse. A station with an abysmal signal covering the downtown eastside getting 0.0 share or a station like Team 1410 with a traditionally reasonable signal covering the lower mainland getting a share that would fit comfortably in a Translink community bus on the weekend.

  3. According to the latest breakdown on Kowchmedia.com, NW suffered severe losses in the prime demo 25-54 male and female. The grand experiment throwing inexperienced hosts and News readers into this major market was and is foolish, and a total reboot should be considered asap. It’s clear the so-called Brand Managers have zero idea what they’re doing. Coupled with consultants who are long on bs-ing, short on actual skill. It’s easy to whitewash the numbers to newbies, quite another to your Sales Dept and shareholders.

  4. just sayin,

    As to CKNW, I agree that it has lost the plot for effective audience listener-ship. I find the liberal,leftist, anti-Trump, anti-USA and turd producing B.S. mostly by cheap talent and IMO hosts who have little credibility in defending their POV’s a hard thing to listen to over an extended time period. I still switch on CKNW in mornings to catch up on news and get a feel as to what blather they will often talk about for the day, each day. But unlike how back in the day from the 1980’s through through 1990’s and even 2000’s oh unto about 2010-2011 where I’d have CKNW generally fixed on the dial at home and 90% of the time in my car when out and about, today with the thin quality of each show and all the hosts parroting each other in leftist, sjw, crap , adding using their cheap producers as filler or bringing in Global Media news casters to blather with instead of notably political, social, economic pundits, well it’s all a cacophony of mostly liberal, leftist shrill and all of them have hate on for President Trump.

    Now I do not want media to butt kiss President Trump or our PM, BTW they all butt kiss Trudeau. I want the news media to be credible at holding government in the USA, Canada or wherever to account. Talk radio hosts are to have opinions and entertain us by them, but should be able to better defend them, and all the hosts (short of Michael Campbell on Saturdays) are incapable of doing so. ALL OF THEM including Adler who is becoming more of a west coast libtard than the more conservative voice he was in Winnipeg.

    Generally by the time 11:00am on weekdays comes one does not really have to listen to CKNW anymore as it all becomes a general repeat cycle. It becomes boring and you get a feeling of daily de ja vu. So often I now find the radio is turned off or to another station (for me Sports talk as boring as 1040 can be but is at least different or to music and my car now has it locked on to 92.9KISM) on by 11am-12pm. This is all new to me as I would not have been quick to such back in the day to quickly to another stations on the dial.

    Back in the day I savored each CKNW talk hosts for their POV’s and varied content. The News and Sports departments were all rather good. There was little repeating of stuff every hour or two and from show to show using previous shows content. Each host could back up their POV, from Mair to Good, to then Jon and Till. On weekend Warran. There were others such as Keefer and Jennifer Mather-Burke. Mornings with Frosty and afternoon drive with Honey was all a pleasant experience. Evenings with Dan Russell Sportstalk ( though he is a crazy anti-Trumper and Demoncrat lover, libtard on his twitter account nowadays) was nice change.

    I did not always agree with each talk host, but they made me think and they could better defend their POV’s well.

    Today I can find time to enjoy Jill Bennett as she still seems to try and I like that she does take calls. Talk radio is suppose to take calls on open lines to increase POV’s and entertain us with caller opinions as such. The hosts all seem to have an aversion to open lines on CKNW today ( The Buzzline is B.S. ) but all are pretty good with hearing themselves talk.

    I do like it when Michael Smith fills in too as he is able to defend his POV’s as well as open lines and talk with callers.

    So CKNW may look ok in ratings but I bet most of its listeners no longer feel to keep the dial pinned to NW980 all or most of the day anymore.

  5. @Les H, Thank you for yet again pointing out the demise of NW. You pretty much summed it up . I drive truck and listen to the radio from very early (230am) until I get home usualy about 5pm. One of the trucks I owned the plastic face plate with the station numbers fell off. (pre digital). It didnt matter as the dial was never moved off of 980.
    Now I force myself to listen to McComb as he does have some guests that are interesting. Tim Dickers is as bad as it gets and he must work cheap as he is on almost every show. Palmer Smyth are great on air.
    From 10 to 2 I turn the radio down or off as Simi has less appeal . Given the choice between a root canal and 4 hours of Simi I would be at the dentist.
    Drex and Steele are okay, just okay. Jill Bennett is like a blast from the past. Balanced , and not a cheer leader for the NDP. I almost never miss her Sat and Sunday shows. Right now JM is in deepest darkest Africa and Simi is destroying his time slot. Good news is Jill Bennett is now on from 10 till 2. Note to Larry Gifford Jill would be a pleasure to hear everyday in that time slot.

  6. What has happened to NW?!? Good god. They used to be interesting, informed , provocative. Now, it’s fresh-out-of-school and repeater shows. An insult. Amazed that they only dropped -2. Sad state of affairs in that building. Saving $ on talent, losing masses in audience. You get what you pay for, I guess. Time for a new boss!

  7. I’ve gone from almost always ‘NW, to some Jill Bennett Sat/Sun, Mike Campbell & Bruce Allen.
    What do they have in common? They speak their minds and have more balanced political opinions.
    For sports, Jim Rome /Dan Patrick on 1410 are good, as are Bro/Pratt generally on 1040.

  8. Interesting what 13 wrote about Tim Dickers. Poll questions: who would you keep: Tim Dickers or Jessica Gares? I didn’t think it possible, but I find Dickers more irritating and definitely, juvenile.

  9. Hi benji. I doubt that a new boss would help. Current PD Mr Gifford is doing a good job given the parameters he works with. Its obvious he has been told to run the station and either cut costs or hold the line on costs. The level of talent, and the constant repetition of content indicates that money comes far ahead of quality of programming. The big 5 replayed every hour on the hour followed by an “in depth” review between the host and the news director. The replaying of one shows interview on the next show as thought it were breaking news. The inane and weak segments by the shows producers as though they were on air talent.
    Parenting with Tim??? The tech sector with Tim???? Tim and Steele?????
    The Buzz line is another Gifford creation where by the station avoids having to deal with live callers that might challenge the hosts opinions. The buzz line also saves money as the callers simply leave messages that the station edits to fit the hosts opinions.
    So until the station is owned by a company other than Shaw Corus or Corus Shaw dont expect any improvements to the quality of the product at NW.
    Its odd that the advertisers havent figured out that the format that they signed onto support with their ad revenues has disappeared. Jewellry, retirement homes, vacations, etc are aimed at an older demographic yet the PD seems to want a younger twitter type audience.

  10. @Wayne. Your poll question is a tough one. Dickers vs Gares is a hard call. I guess I would spoil my ballot. Interesting that Gares got a job with the Lottery Corp. Also interesting that Ive heard a couple of news stories where they use the line ” we called the _______ and they have not responded”. Well recently the news dept at NW has called the Lottery Corp for comments on some illegal activity that they were implicated in. Of course the lotto corp had not responded. I wonder why they wouldnt call their alumnus Ms Gares for comment.

  11. CKNW has finally gone the corporate/Gov route. They no longer push for the little guy (us) always pushing some Government agenda or backing ICBC raising our fines and rates.

    It’s just too sad to see what was a great news station now is another left wing/green/global warming/government is your friend propaganda tool.

    Unfortunately for me my co-worker listens to this garbage couple times during the day so I get a couple hours of government is your friend crap from these “journalists”.


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