Victoria Radio Spring Ratings…



Source: Numeris Survey Period: Radio Diary Survey February 27, 2017 – April 23, 2017

Demographic: A12+ Area: 9119 (Victoria Ctrl) Daypart: Monday-Sunday 5am-1am

Station                  Share %           Ctrl Reach (000)               Share Trend

CBCVFM                      19.7                           81.5                                       +1.7

CKKQFM                      14.4                          67.9                                       -0.3

CFAX                                10.1                          52.4                                      +0.7

CIOCFM(The Ocean) 6.7                         43.7                                       +0.5

CJZNFM (The Zone)  6.2                          45.2                                        -1.8

CHBEFM (KOOL)      5.5                           45.8                                         -1.0

CHTTFM  (KiSS)         2.6                           26.6                                         -1.2

Universe – Estimated Population of the Central Market Area.
Full Coverage (FC) Reach – The estimated number of different people, anywhere in Canada, who tuned to that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.
Universe: 343,560 Spring 2017
Central (Ctrl) Market Area – A Numeris defined geographical area, usually centred around one urban centre. The definition of a Central Market Area generally corresponds to Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration, Cities, Counties, Census Divisions or Regional Districts.
Share – Within the central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to all radio.
Central (Ctrl) Reach – The estimated number of different people, within the central market area, who tuned to that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.


  1. With another sad showing for KISS and with JACK Vancouver now dead amid assorted format-change rumours–could it be “HeeHaw 103” is on the way ? It’s been well over a decade since anyone failed miserably with country music in Victoria, maybe it’s time to saddle up and give it another go.

  2. The Zone drop is surprising. Continued decline of CFAX and KOOL is not a surprise. Further CBC gains can be expected with no other credible news talk choice. Rogers will not risk country in Victoria. KISS’s future will follow what they do with Jack in Vancouver. Rehabilitation of the The Ocean begins with the arrival of Erin Davis . This is the station to watch.

  3. Kenny Jones, ex-of Rogers Vancouver is now back in Vancouver and was on JACK Friday afternoon. Where was he for a year or two ? Rogers Ottawa–on the COUNTRY station.
    Which may or may not mean anything,

  4. From Rogers changing JackFM to Kiss, so glad they are at the bottom. Can they keep there staff?
    The Ocean also changed there music format and staff. Really Rogers wake up.
    Not a good company to work for. Gone back to CKKQ the Q


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