Seattle-based NFL reporter John Clayton laid off by ESPN


Longtime Puget Sound-based NFL writer and reporter John Clayton is being let go by ESPN, but will still be on the airwaves in Seattle.

Clayton confirmed the news on Twitter Wednesday after The Sporting News first reported it as part of the many layoffs at ESPN.

Published on 31 May 2017

John Clayton, the ESPN NFL writer known for his self-lacerating “Hey, Mom! I’m done with my segment!” headbanger commercial for “SportsCenter,” has parted ways with the company as part of its recent massive layoffs.

The departure of “The Professor,” a senior NFL writer who is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame writers’ wing, confirmed the report by the Sporting News’ Michael McCarthy on Wednesday afternoon. “I guess you saw the news,” Clayton tweeted. “After 23 years, I won’t be contributing to ESPN. Two words. Thank you. My bosses and co-workers are the best.”

ESPN declined to comment for The Post. Clayton, who is based in the Seattle area, will continue to do his radio show on 710 ESPN KIRO, which is not affiliated with the network and licenses the name. He also plans to continue to fill in on Sirius shows and tweeted that “I am well-taken care of by ESPN. … I can honestly say that my relationship with ESPN was the second best in my life. My marriage to my wife Pat is obviously No. 1.”

In addition to his solid reporting for the network, Clayton became popular for his classic “This is SportsCenter” ad in which he delivers his spot, then strips to a T-shirt and discloses a lengthy mane. As he jumps onto his bed and grabs a container of leftover carryout food, he cranks up the tunes and yells, “Hey, Mom! I’m done with my segment!” He signed off Wednesday with a classy, funny nod to that ad on Twitter: “By the way, I am keeping the ponytailJohn Clayton, longtime NFL writer, reporter and current Seattle radio host announced Wednesday morning he has been laid off by ESPN.
“After 23 years I won’t be contributing to ESPN,” Clayton tweeted. “Two words. Thank you. My bosses and co-workers are the best.”
Clayton, 63, continued to say he will still host his daily two-hour radio show on 710 ESPN Seattle, while also filling in on SiriusXM radio’s “Movin the Chains.”
He also tweeted — tongue-in-cheek, of course — that he’s keeping the grey ponytail, made famous via one of the network’s legendary commercials .

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