CNN Terminates ‘Sicko’ Kathy Griffin


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Source: Zero Hedge


Update 2: CNN pulled the plug on Griffin…

CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program.

Her partner for the New Year’s Eve shows, Anderson Cooper, had already disowned her…

For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.

Nigel Farage was quick to respond…


Kathy Griffin’s removal from CNN is the first kickback I’ve seen against the wall-to-wall left wing comics on both sides of the pond. 

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Update 1: First Lady Melania Trump has spoken out against Kathy Griffin’s actions, questioning her “mental health.”

“As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing,” the first lady said in a Wednesday statement, according to reports.


“When you consider some of the atrocities in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it,” Melania Trump said.

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Despite her apology – after her ultimate act of virtue signaling by holding up the blood-soaked head of the president backfired – President Trump and his family failed to find the humor in this particular act.

First Donald Trump Jr. tweet-raged…

Disgusting but not surprising. This is the left today. They consider this acceptable. Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS? 

And this morning the President himself reacted…

Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!

We are sure this outrage will be seen as some badge of honor for the New Year’s Eve counter-downer, but perhaps we should reflect on what this really means. As Martin Armstrong writes…

While Kathy Griffin apologizes for going tooooo far, that is obviously only because of the flack she got for even doing this photo.


If it were Obama, she would be called a racist. The mere simple act of doing something like this is exposing just how dangerous the future truly is. We have the left who thinks it is their God given right to suppress if not kill anyone who disagrees with them. I for one am starting to lean for the break up of the United States and all the leftists please move to the left of the country and anyone else who wants freedom from these insane people, move to the right.


They never heard of freedom and that means to enjoy your own life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without being told what to do by people who want to rule the world their way. I have always had a simple motto – live and let live. I ask for nothing but freedom from oppression. Tyranny is what these people preach. It is their way or no way. We need to separate or there will be blood in the streets.


It’s very simple. I fully agree with Patrick Henry. They have no right to subjugate the 50% they seem to hate so much.


  1. Guess Kathy’s moving down…to the F list.

    Kudos to “Andy” for his quick disavowal. Based on the past couple of News Year’s Eve broadcasts, the shine had clearly come off their online cameraderie.

    Cooper’s disinterest is increasingly apparent on 360. Being a zookeeper to half a dozen or more excitable talking heads wouldn’t be my idea of fun, no matter the paycheck (American spelling for postings about CNN). Ditto talking all things Trump all the time. For a bright guy like Anderson with a Vanderbilt inheritance coming sooner than later, he can do much, much better. How about a full time position with 60 Minutes?

  2. She was videoed with her videographer, looking over her video prior to uploading and she said, “We may have to flee to Mexico with this one.”

    Um Kathy that comment by you was what is left of your conscience telling you that uploading the sick video may not be the wisest thing to do.

    As to her lame apology, she only did so as she saw it blow up in her face and it was more directed only to her celeb following public. She should have and NEEDS to graciously apologize to the following:

    1: President Donald J. Trump
    2: His family including FLOTUS
    3: The OFFICE of POTUS
    4: The American people.

    Only then would her apology be seen as remotely genuine.

    Simple fact is if it was NOT a celeb, just a general person doing that video, they’d be charged and likely see jail time. But also if it was a person who did the same to a replica Obama or Hillary head, the MSM would be on it 24/7 and demonstrations in the streets by loonie leftists would be going on.

  3. What Kathy did was disgusting and she is getting exactly what she deserves. The problem with the political seen today is the ultra partisanship. The divide has never been wider.

    Remember when Ted Nugent said Obama should be tried for treason and hung? Yes he said other things as well Google it as well as images and drawings of Obama that are absolutely disgusting.

    Stop with this ultra partisanship on BOTH sides, take off your blinders and start being a little more objective.

  4. Les,

    What would they be charged with and please give a relevant example of someone in the States being charged as such and doing time.

  5. Zebb,

    Her and her videographer’s act of simulated violence/assassination towards a sitting POTUS could be seen as a death threat. It could also be seen as advocating violence/assassination of a POTUS!

    If any person has an action of free speech or expression that can be seen as advocating violence, death, defamation and slander of another person or persons may be a chargeable offense.

    I love how these liberal/leftist snowflakes today often want to see people charged with hate crimes if people just say bad things, wrong words, wrong pronouns or that they do not like a person, a group of people of an ethnicity, race, religion, politics, sexuality and or of gender, but these liberals/leftists will perpetrate more hateful comments and often commit and/or advocate violence against others including acts of simulated violence as Ms. Griffin just did.

  6. So you can’t specify a charge, and you can’t provide an example of someone being charged let alone jailed for this. He who asserts must prove. What specific chargeable offence? Find me a like situation. You are just throwing out non-specific assertions.

    Almost every president is hung in effigy multiple times at demonstrations. I can’t recall anyone being jailed.

    So you are advocating an anti-free speech / freedom of expression position?

  7. It’s official – Kathy Griffin has gone insane. I think she can expect to get paid a visit by the Secret Service sometime soon (if not already).

  8. zebb,

    I’m all for free speech and free expression but a lot of people seem to fail to understand that with free speech and free expression come responsibility and accountability.

    As to a person or persons being charged with threats to any POTUS, past or present, certainly the Secret Service have likely charged people with such in the past, or do you think that has never in all 250 years of the USA’s existence ever happened?

    My point as to Griffin is I’m certain the Secret Service have investigated her idiot video and likely talked to her. Her celeb status may have given her more grace as to her moronic hate video than maybe you or I would have received.

    IMO, I feel she if she is not charged that she is then lucky as she could very well be seen as advocating assassination of President Trump. But also maybe influencing some other lefty-liberal nutter to try. But it looks like she may have assassinated what was left of her D list career, so justice may have been severed in said respect.

    I want every person regardless of who they are to have free speech and expression but to understand such may have consequences.

    Ie: in countries like the USA and Canada, one can yell, “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theatre. You will not be charged with any free speech violations for such, BUT! you may very well be charge with inciting panic.

  9. I asked for specifics, again you come back with speculation. You can’t provide one actual example which is in any way parallel to this situation. You said likely jail time. Likely means more probable than not, so factually similar examples must be abundant, and you have had hours now.

    He who asserts must prove. You got further away from proving your assertions with each post. All hat no cattle.

    Strike 3 Lester.

  10. zebb,

    I come here not to provide actual Secret Service arrests for threats on POTUS, past or present. I’d say its pretty certain than in 250 years people have been arrested for various threats on any past POTUS.

    I also never said Griffin would be arrested for her insanely, moronic, hate filled simulated act of assassinating President Trump. She is under investigation by US SS though. I basically said she is lucky if she may not be arrested for such as it can be seen as a threat on the President or an act to inspire a person other than her to try.

    BTW, here is ONE quick example of a US SS arrest of a threat made to President Obama.

  11. Les isn’t big on free speech. I seem to recall an earlier post where he thought Stephen Colbert should’ve been charged.

  12. Okay, the facts of the Obama one is not at all similar. That was a direct threat, not a stunt or demonstration. You can’t possibly be suggesting they are the same.

    Again you keep saying it is certain. The only thing certain is that you can’t support your assertions despite constant clumsy attempts to move the goal posts.

    You said it is a “simple fact” that if she were not a celebrate she would see jail time. If it is so simple find me some examples.

    Don’t tell me what you think, don’t tell me what you think you know. Support your assertions with fact or abandon them.

    Do you agree with the fundamental tenet that he who asserts must prove?

  13. Jimbo,

    Um you are wrong. I never noted Colbert to be charged with anything, please do not put words in my mouth. I think Colbert is a liberal loonie who has a near perverted hate on for President Trump as much of his fellow liberal loonie night time talk show hosts share similar and as such will need to accept return criticism of his and their rhetoric.

    Again, never have I ever fought against limiting any free speech or expression, so please stop that nonsense attack on me here. What one says or expresses is open to criticism and if only if such perpetrates violence, defamation or slander against others, then shall the law look to charge those who do such. Free speech and free expression as well as free association have responsibility and accountability attached.

    Zebb, Griffin herself has said she is now under US SS investigation for her moronic act of simulated violence against President Trump. I never said she would be charged. I said she may be lucky to not be charged. I bet most regular folks may not have the luxury of celebrity, D list as hers may be from such acts if we did the same.

    In the end in her case the US SS will decide what comes of such and I never said what the US SS should do, only noted what it may or can do to her in this case if it so decides… JEEZ!!!

    She has done much to assassinate her own D list career from all of it now anyways. Her lame attempt today to try to twist things to where she is the victim is even more comical and will have more blow back on her and her career. TAKE YOUR LUMPS MS. GRIFFIN! Then move on

  14. You said her celebrity was the only thing keeping her from likely jail time. Fact.

    I asked you to provide one example of a similar stunt resulting in jail time. Fact.

    You have repeatedly failed and or declined. Fact.

    You made an assertion and I repeatedly asked for proof. Fact.

    For the last time, please provide me with examples of someone doing jail time for a similar stunt, which you asserted, clearly and unequivocally, she was likely to serve but for her celebrity. Please note that the jail time should relate to the perceived threat of the stunt, not something tangential such as trespass or disturbing a meeting.

    Shorten your answer, deal in facts, and support your assertion that a non-celebrity would more likely than not face incarceration. No smokescreen.

    I must say that I enjoy your belief that the USSS would defer to a low- tier liberal gasbag like Griffin. That is a peculiar alliance but I won’t ask you to explain it because I have a real solid hunch you can’t.

    Okay Lester – give me those examples.

    By the way, do you agree that those who make assertions should be able to support them? I will find your answer in this regard illuminating.

  15. zebb, get off the merry go round, you are just taking this into endless circles. You obviously failed to see my point, and want to suppose a point or assertion I did not make. This said and one more time for you, Griffin said she is under US SS investigation and has a lawyer now on her behalf. Where it all goes, who the EFF knows? My point was NOT that she will be charged by that she may be lucky not to be charged if that is the case. The rest of you blather is merry go round talk.

  16. Les H why argue with zebb. What Griffin did was despicable and her “career” should be over.
    If she was charged for this bit of stupidity and jailed it would be icing on the cake.

  17. Les H

    I agree with 13, Zebb is like a Dog with a Bone and not worth the trouble.


    You have very quickly become a Legend in Your Own House! Congrats!

  18. You have to wonder how the families of the Islamic Terrorist (Jihadi John) are dealing with Ms Griffins comedy. What a thoughtless cowardly woman

  19. Any way you cut it, Griffin’s career as a “comedienne” is now basically over because of that ill-advised stunt.


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