Conrad Black: The malicious and dishonest media really are, as Trump says, ‘enemies of the people’

White House Communications Director Sean Spicer holds the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S. February 2, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst


by Conrad Black

Saturday May 20, 2017


Even allowing for the astonishing pyrotechnics of current American politics, the Canadian journalistic reaction has been rather disappointing. Canadians have a unique ring-side seat on American personalities and events, and flatter themselves that they know that country better than any other foreigners do. Perhaps because of the garishness of American politics, the immense amounts of money involved in American elections and the lobbying process, and the practical absence of laws of civil defamation, Canadians are almost perpetually appalled yet fascinated by the American political spectacle. The intense controversies of the Trump presidency have generated a dreary branch-plant, copy-cat, me-too replication of the Trumpophobia of the national U.S. media.

The whole point of the Trump campaign was the need for radical but centrist reform. He was midway between the Sanders left and the Cruz right. But he mobilized the angry and politically correct traditionalists, and much of the working and middle class, and attacked the deferences to both Wall Street and organized labour (especially the teachers’ unions), as well as the appeasement of the societally self-hating and faddish academics and Hollywood. At his heavily attended rallies, he singled out the national political media for its almost relentless disparagement of him and his followers, and for the soft ride it had given to the Obama regime, which — despite the great breakthrough of having a non-white president — was unsuccessful in almost every field.

The controversies of the Trump presidency have generated a dreary branch-plant, copy-cat, me-too replication of the Trumpophobia of the national U.S. media.

Economic growth, which had been 4.5 per cent annually in most of the Reagan years, had gradually descended to just one per cent with Obama. Schools and infrastructure were decaying, violent crime was increasing, Obama and Hillary Clinton would not utter the words “Islamist extremism,” political correctness reigned, and foreign policy seemed to many Americans to have wobbled from George W. Bush’s insouciant war-making to Obama’s appeasement of America’s enemies. Trade agreements were widely perceived to have been disadvantageous and the alliance system looked like a bunch of free-loaders relying on American military power rather than collective security. Trump and his followers believed that the global warming case had not been made and that the push for renewable energy was unjustifiably costly and self-punitive. This long list of public policy grievances was widely and profoundly felt, and now defines the administration’s reform program.


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  1. Anderson Cooper’s crude remark to a Trump supporter simply shows what lightweights the media has become. Any moron can swear or use otherwise crude language on the air. True professionals can tell a story or express an opinion without reverting to ‘base’ language. I hear these kinds of crude remarks from local hosts and shutter not so much at the remarks themselves, but that the offending host so lacks command of the English language that they revert to what they think is ‘cool’. Amateurs all.

  2. With every biased attack and unfounded attacks as well as pure B.S. and lies on President Trump and his administration by the mainstream media, the Democrats, liberals, socialist activists and all the other loonie nutters, only emboldens support for President Trump and his administration. We will see the Democrats get a bigger a** whoopin on the mid terms. As for these pinko-commie, hate filled, treasonous activist groups and their loonie leaders you will all get yours, get what’s coming to you. Do you all think everyday, working, Red, White and Blue Americans are going to put up with this anti-USA crap and treason from you all indefinitely? NOPE! The proverbial beat down you are all going to get will come out of the blue and will knock you all on collective treasonous, commie asses.

  3. maybe, just maybe, Canadians are out and about not glued to the idiot box watching politicians and those analyzing their false promises.

  4. I am surprised by the reactions here. So pro-Trump and anti-media(Liberal). should listen to both sides. I think Trump is a businessman playing politician, and I for one have not been very impressed. The Trump firing of Comey is a perfect example, he must pledge 100% loyalty to the leader or else. Comey pledged that he would be 100% honest with Trump.

  5. Not sure what you want Rob. PSR doesnt seem to be taking a stance on the medias treatment of DJT they are allowing contributors ie Black to express their views. The fact that many PSR readers agree with Blacks analysis might shock you, but it shouldnt. The media bias towards the left is so obvious that it has become comical.
    Trump is just the pendulum swinging from the idiotic Obama left to the almost alt right DJT. I have to admit that Trump is a breath of clean fresh non PC air

  6. I think some of you may feel different if Trump is charged with a crime and is impeached. Its one thing to believe in a leader with all of his warts, its a whole different thing, if a law was broken.

  7. Any direct influencing or such of the FBI director by any member in the Executive branch of US govt. MUST by law see the FBI director go to the Attorney General ASAP. Failing to report such to the AG can put the FBI director in a position where HE is charged with a crime. Since Comey did not do this, says that there was no influencing by Trump or any member in his Cabinet.

    People REALLY need to stop licking up MSM news. The MSM is not journalistic nor care for the truth or facts. The MSM are all propagandists and are acting/conspiring against this POTUS.

  8. @ Rob:

    Those liberals in office (i.e. Obama and Hillary’s stooges) demanding Trump’s impeachment on fabricated charges over non-existent crimes may think they’re laughing now, but they won’t be when they end up in prison themselves for corruption and other real crimes while their fake news-manufacturing cheerleaders in the liberal media (and others like you who root against Trump) wind up with egg on their faces yet again. Their continued actions only keep showing why those who embrace liberal ideology are generally not suited to hold public office.

  9. Witness the hysteria in the fake news media when Trump misspelled a ward!
    When Trump farts the fake news call it breaking news.
    I said that!


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