ABC Cancels Tim Allen’s Conservative Sitcom Despite High Ratings


May the 11th, 2017

It’s called HYPOCRISY!!!


ABC has reportedly cancelled Tim Allen’s sitcom, Last Man Standing (LMS), despite its continued high ratings into its 6th season.


According to Deadline Hollywood, “LMS is on the higher end [cost-wise] for a multi-camera sitcom because of the marquee salary Allen commands, but 20th TV had agreed to license fee reductions in the past. This time, there was no bargaining, with ABC simply deciding against another season.”

Deadline Hollywood goes on to state that “the cancellation is a financial hit to 20th TV, which had sold LMS in syndication where the sitcom has been doing very well, a rare off-network ratings success story these days.”

Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson questions the idea that LMS was cancelled due to 20th TV’s lack of desire to negotiate its continuation.

Watson writes that the cancellation is “leaving some to wonder whether the show was canned because of Allen’s conservative politics.”

Indeed, Tim Allen has been known for his very public digs at liberals.

During one episode of LMS, Allen lashed out at the idea of “microaggressions,” calling them “the latest liberal attack on free speech.”

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  1. I never got Tim Allen. Does anybody think this guy is funny? He reminds me a little bit of the late Don Rickles, to be funny, you only have to reach 5%-10% of the general public to be hugely successful and wealthy.

  2. Explain to me how “Two Broke Girls” ever even made it past two shows let alone season whatever? Probably the worst, most unfunny show going. The writers of this thing should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. If it was political correctness that motivated ABC to cancel the show, they just figuratively shot themselves in the foot by cancelling one of the few good shows they have on their sched. Makes no sense for them to do that following the debacle that was their low-rated miniseries When We Rise.

  4. Katherine Heigl and her new series was cancelled in February after two episodes. The bosses at the network okayed thirteen full episodes, so eleven are sitting in the can. I am waiting to see if CBS has come their senses and re-news The Amazing Race. The big shots at CBS have totally screwed around with this show. How do these people at the top get their jobs?

  5. @ Rob — thank you!! I thought I was the only one who had trouble with Don Rickles’ act. I suspect people laughed more out of “I’m so glad he’s not picking on me” than with genuine mirth. To me he was an obnoxious boor.

    @ Barry T — thanks to you too! TBG is an insult to the ears.

    And they wonder why fewer people are watching the former Big Three anymore.

  6. Mike, you are welcome. Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, I did soften a bit when they were seniors, because elderly people being so critical was a bit funny and sad.

    ‘Two Broke Girls’, they should make the following changes. ‘Two Rich Women’, have them as high powered office people making seven figures, maybe as financial consultants. Fancy clothes, fancy office, lets see how many will follow the show. Its more realistic because they are wealthy in real life, I mean compared to the rest of society.

    Dont cancel ‘The Amazing Race’, its about real people!

  7. Sounds to more to me like ABC is just covering its tracks on why they cancelled the show by coming up with a convoluted explanation in response to the criticism of what’s clearly a politically-motivated cancellation of Last Man Standing (in spite of the show being one of ABC’s few current successes). Well, if ABC wants to continue alienating and losing viewers with their bad programming decisions, that’s their problem.

  8. I can’t get over the ‘twisted’ mindset of liberals, including those posts above. Plain and simple, You don’t dump a cash cow without a ready replacement waiting in the wings unless there is an ideology conflict, and that is exactly what ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey did, or was instructed to do.

  9. 1. It’s only a cash cow for ABC if ABC makes the show. All syndication money goes to Fox.

    2. If it’s such a cash cow, why isn’t any other network or streaming service, including Fox, not bending over backwards to make and air more episodes?

  10. Tim Allen is funny. He does not fit the brain dead PC doctrine. So hes gone. 2 broke girls is perfect for the brain dead crowd,


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