Law & Order: SVU Episode Based on Roger Ailes, Airs Wednesday


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Once again, an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU seems to be strangely just a bit ahead of the zeitgeist.

In an episode entitled “The Newsroom,” Lieutenant Benson makes an appearance on a cable news network show to talk about a headline-making rape case she’s working on. But, suddenly the conversation takes a dramatic turn when one of the anchors makes an on-air accusation of assault — against her boss.

To conduct their investigation, Benson and ADA Barba must ask witnesses to put their jobs on the line. Sound familiar?

Please click HERE for the link to the website and a clip from Wednesday’s L & O: SVU.


  1. Let’s see if Barba can jump into this issue without taking on Olivia and her squad. He’s always throwing up barriers instead of finding solutions.


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