Puget Sound Radio’s Michael Easton on the Goddard Report about his new venture


Broadcaster Michael Easton, owner and publisher of Puget Sound Radio, joins in conversation with Jim Goddard of the Goddard Report, about his taking on the challenge with the recent launch of Easton Spectator, ‘Connecting the dots…’
New “Real News” Website Rolls Out. Michael Easton

Easton Spectator, Connecting the dots…

Website: HERE



  1. Hi Michael,

    Yes, there was an awkward ‘greeting’ moment at the beginning … though that could have been edited out but wasn’t for some reason. In the future, I guess, don’t ask how he’s doing. Just get to the material. All minor stuff, however. That’s like saying you won the hockey game 14-1 … but let’s focus on why we lost the shutout kind of thing.

    I liked your spirit. You’re pissed off. And there’s a good reason you’re pissed off and therefore motivated. That motivation has led to Puget Sound Radio being a success … and the same awaits your website.

    You raise good points, and some of them with courage — such as saying positive things about Donald Trump.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and I’m hoping more people get to hear it.

    You’ve become a pied piper of information the status quo doesn’t want us to know.

    I notice too that Jim Goddard is like you; when given a chance he aired his own grievances. He too knows that mainstream media is, in many respects, a lie. Propaganda.

    But I believe that both you and Goddard must realize you’re not alone. There are many other reporters out there [I’m one] who know it’s a fucking shell game … but you’d be surprised how many others in our society realize it too.

    Good stuff, stay as you are Michael. You’ve done more for the true public good than you realize.




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