Brent Shearer Out at CTV Vancouver


Brent Shearer made it official yesterday on his Facebook page …

‘Quick update on what’s happening with us –

Tuesday turned out to be my last day at CTV Vancouver. I leave with mixed emotions.

I feel sad to no longer be able to work alongside an incredibly talented group of people and, after nearly nine years, finish this chapter of my career. However it’s time to turn the page – what comes next I’m not exactly sure.

Brent had been with the station since 2010.  He had co-anchored the CTV Vancouver morning news show since 2014.  Prior to 2010 he had spent nearly two years at CTV Vancouver Island, which had followed two years in news at CKNW Radio.


  1. You and Colleen two of the best in the business. The station is pretty Mickey Mouse in not letting the viewers know as to their cuts. It would appear the anchors are muzzled.

  2. You were why we watched morning live. Ctv should let viewers know when they shamelessly cut people. You are missed and the very best of luck.

  3. What!!! I left Global because they cut Steve Darling…moved to CTV. Took a little bit of getting used to the new people but stayed because really liked Brent now he’s cut!!! Who’s next Peter Mansbridge Wow! Sorry but should have been Kimberly Wynn….too upbeat for a news show. She seems a little fake. Now where to watch the news?

  4. Sorry to see you go. Should have been Kerri. She was unprofessional and disrespectful in her interview on the 2017 budget. Remember, things happen for a reason and something wonderful is going to come your way.

  5. You will be missed…Strongly felt you never received enough air-time…You and Kerri made a Great Team… That being said a New Chapter is unfolding for you; time to Turn The Page…

  6. Instead of Coleen & Brent shown the door at CTV it should’ve been Tamara a she is so fake & her comments during the newscast are so lame! Also it’s not fair to Brent as he has to move over because Jason’s sportscast is cancelled & Jason needs a place to go!

  7. So very sad to hear about this although I have been suspect for awhile now. I won’t be watching the morning news now with you being absent it will leave a huge void for so many viewers. Best wishes Brent you will do well with your super great personality and professional demeanor in whatever adventure is waiting to whisk you away.

  8. I loved Kerri and Brent together on Morning Live……I don’t think Jason is a good match for her…
    I’m switching back to Global Morning now.. Seems many people are…CTV should never have let Brent go…I hope he is hired by another Vancouver station many will follow him…
    Shame on CTV
    Jim. Victoria

  9. I can honestly say that when Brent first started he was a little nervous, pounding the desk and slapping his knees all the time. But, he improved with time and I think he is one of the Best new anchors in BC. Limiting yourself to a local station may not be the way to go Brett .. CNN is calling
    Good Luck in your future what ever you do…

  10. This makes me sad! I’m not a fan of how CTV handles these changes. They need to be reminded that we grow an attachment to these people and deserve a sense of closure! I feel like no one is safe at CTV – Michael Kuss is a good example. Ok, I’m done ranting… You will be missed Brent! Hopefully we will see your face on Global.

  11. I felt Keri and Brent were so good together. Seems many very good announcers are being replace. Jody Vance is another name that comes to mind.

  12. So sorry to see Brent go and not happy with how CTV deals with this type of thing. Let’s just be upfront and honest. Brent, good luck in your future endeavours. I will miss your smiling presence in the mornings.

  13. So, now we know! Canned! So sorry Brent! You did so well taking over the ‘anchor’ chair when Kerrie was absent!
    Good wishes for a ‘dream’ job coming your way!
    Best wishes to you and your family…….?

  14. Now I hear that CTV Calgary phased out all their sports department which included Heath Brown, Lisa Bowes and Glen Campbell

  15. I also heard that Lisa Bowes, Heath Brown and Glen Campbell were laid off from CTV Calgary. They all worked in the sports department.

  16. What??? Really!!! Why????
    What happened??? Why was Brent Shearer let go by CTV?
    I watched it in the morning because of your very profeesional way of doing your job!
    Any valid reason given to Brent by CTV? Was it due to pay cut? HIred someone with lesser pay? I don’t think whatever the reason was, very poor judgement by CTV.

    Your viewers will definitely miss you Brent. I really thought you were just on holiday. Hopefully a better door will open for you soon.
    Good luck, all the best for you. Have to look for another tv newscast in the morning.

    From now on, CTV could have that so called’ Morning Live Show’ to themselves.

  17. I understand that budget cuts are necessary. What I don’t understand is why CTV thinks we won’t notice when they hide their decisions under the rug. Why not tell your viewers what’s going on with necessary budget cuts? I would respect that news. As it stands, now I’m looking for a morning show that will acknowledge viewer intelligence.

  18. Not great news. I watched because of the rapport between you and Kerri. Not a big fan of this sports guy. He’s fake

  19. We will no longer continue to patronize CTV or their advertisers. Brent completed the show. Now it’s just morning fluff with a guy who resembles a testical.

  20. I too switched after Global dumped Steve. I cannot believe you dumped Brent for Jason very poor judgment in my opinion. Not sure where I’ll go now but I sure won’t be too quick to turn on CTV to be assaulted by the cringe worthy team of Kero and Jason. Mark and Kimberly you do a great job I would suggest you be wary of your job security!

  21. I rarely respond online, but after Steve Darling @ Global was sent packing, I switched to CTV. Now Brent has been ‘dismissed’ and I will miss him. I liked how he handled himself and did a good job of anchoring with somebody like Keri, who is sweet, but a wee bit much. Now once again I have to go checking other morning shows. Again, I don’t mean to be negative, but Kim should perhaps tone it down a tad, she’s a bit hard to take sometimes early in the morning. Love Marke, he’s the best thing on the show. Jason is okay but we have to give him a chance, only he’s not Brent! What’s up CTV, I so miss Coleen Christie!!

  22. WOW! Just returned from a vacation to find Brent MIA. And now after a week, see that he was dismissed. Shame on you CTV. My family were discussing the news perspective taken by the newscasters and were thinking of returning to CBC. Well, this just topped it. Bye bye CTV. Wishing you all the best, Brent.

  23. Unbelievable. First Colleen and now Brent. We all know who should have been shown the door. Good luck Brent. Our household has changed to Global for good. The people at the helm of CTV have very little forsight.

  24. CTV has a problem and it’s two words.. Tamara Taggart. Her arrogance and awkwardness dealing with news stories makes her a sad excuse for a co- anchor. I simply can’t stand her snotty comments, rude turned up nose remarks, and the hair. It wasn’t cool in 2006.. it isn’t cool now

  25. Unbelievable! Kerri is the most rude person she acts like she’s better then everyone
    else. Should not have been Brent.

  26. Surprised – always politics so not so surprised especially in broadcasting. (Take CityTV as an example over and over.) Although not pleased you were replaced by someone who doesn’t have the same polish or presence on TV, and I simply loved it when you did the Celebrity Birthdays, I know you are brilliant in what you do and I wish you the very best in finding your next fit. This has nothing to do with the evening lineup either so comments about Tamara are irrelevant and frankly mean. Sometimes we are in the middle of things we cannot control or repair. I truly wish the very best for you and your family and please know you are missed. You were in my living room every morning for a long, long time. Sigh.

  27. Sorry to see you Brent also leave from CTV. Looks as if all my favourites have been shoved out…. I really like all the other staff, but don’t understand why this is the only TV station letting the favourites go. By the way Kerri, I really like you & hope you’re not next…

  28. Tarama should definitely stay, & if she’s let go to, then for sure, “Global here I come”!
    Also really like Ann Lu, Jason Peres, & Kerri

  29. I don’t understand why they let the best people go, people with class like michall kuss. And then try to sneak it in over the the hope that people will have forgotten it.
    Good Luck Brent

  30. I am in agreement with many comments above, I am inclined to move to Global. Bad decision CTV, and very poorly handled. Saying nothing just looks bad on CTV. It should have been Kerri – but you’ll find something much better I’m sure. Best of luck Brent!! See ya CTV

  31. Very upset that Brent is gone. Not a fan of watching the morning news anymore. We always enjoyed Keri, Brent and the morning crew. Just not feeling Jason in that position. Disappointing move CTV

  32. Breakfast Television is horrible for doing this same thing. Their cuts actually resulted in an entirely male broadcast, except for a few token appearances by Dawn Chube, who is also leaving but by choice. I moved to CTV because I liked The Brent and Kerri team. So much for that. Global? I don’t understand why this has to be such a big mystery and why the stations wipe those anchors off their sites.

  33. What??? What’s wrong with you people ( I mean managemet of CTV) you let Brent go and then what replace by Jason Perez the sportscaster guy. I watched morning live because of him. All the best Brent, with your good personality you will find a better job.

  34. Sorry to see you go, Brent. I think you did a great job. You’ll be missed. Best of luck whatever the future brings. ??

  35. Can’t believe this network for letting good people go while keeping insulting people like Tamara. I hope Brent makes it over to global with Michael Kiss will make my decision to switch easier. Should have let Sonia Beksma go she was last hired, and she is no way a better choice than Brent.

  36. First it was Michael Kuss, then Coleen Christie and now Brent Shearer, all my favs are gone and so is CTV now! Wishing you a bright new future as I know you will shine wherever you go!

  37. I’m with Sandi….switched to CTV Morning when Steve Darling was let go on Global. I like Brent more than the others (except maybe Mark) and may now switch back to Global altho the person replacing Steve doesn’t have the charisma but maybe Brent will join her as a co-anchor. I wasn’t happy with the Business News either with the people in the background were distracting to the newscasting. We still watch Global in the evenings so not a hard switch back.

  38. WTF CTV!!!! At least let us know what’s what! Brent, I don’t think you were great all the time. It was like you weren’t always wide awake..a little slow on the uptake! BUT…you’re way better than Jason P. He’s a good sports guy, but not news! If it’s about money ? PLEASE for gods sake cut Mark D or Tamara T!!! They hog the air time and are snotty!! I don’t know if I’ll stay with CTV, but I don’t like Global either….ugh! Maybe I’ll just turn it all off and listen to satellite! ?

  39. You will be missed Brent…..I had to google this to find out this news after not seeing you as I normally would with Keri in the morning. What is CTV doing? Hang in there and hopefully we will see you on another station soon…..
    ps….. Not sure I’ll continue watching CTV as getting rid of the evening sportscast is also odd when all the other networks still have a sportscast..

  40. I too just googled to see where Brent was. I figured he was on an extended vacation and never dreamt he was permanently gone. He was the best thing about the morning show. He and Kerri were great together! Unfortunately the morning show has gone downhill since his absence, so I’m not inclined to turn it on when I get up. Best of luck to you Brent, you’re a talented guy who should find success easily!

  41. Like others, moved from Global to CTV when Steve Darling was let go. Missing Brent’s presence in the morning. Good luck in future endeavors, Brent. Still missing Jeff, Bev and Marci and Canada AM.

  42. Politics. Obviously. Brent Shearer was always sincere and spot on. Kerri – boring and bored. Has
    an attitude as does Tamara and Ann.

    Will miss Brent and have switched to Global for Michael Kuss’s weather. Upper managment – listen to your viewers

  43. Always noticed, Brent seemed to stay in the background… when the other on-air personalities did their banter… Years ago, I used to look forward to legitimate news programs; then, entertainment became the focus. Now, the last thing these types of programs are… is genuine, real news. These specifically chosen employees… seem to rigidly beat-the-drum, for the benefit of their employers. There is a marked self-righteous attitude, that is parroted by the hired minions. Those that like to think for themselves… find themselves in the ejection seat. Today’s so-called news is, for-the-most-part, corporate propaganda. Also, white guys are taking the fall… for the ever-popular equal rights/minority rights/women’s rights…

  44. Like all of the above, letting Brent and Colleen go wasn’t a very smart move from CTV.
    Don’t have a problem with Jason but think he is better with reporting sports that daily news.
    I’m finding that most mornings I watch ‘your morning smile’ and then tune it out!
    I watch the 5pm news and skip the 6 most nights, wonder why?
    CTV has to be losing a lot of viewers if the above posts are any indication of where they are headed!

    Would also like to mention that anyone watching the spring cleaning tips this morning might
    want to google ‘dryer sheet dangers’ before using them for anything other that keeping
    skunks and raccoons out from under your sheds or houses!, and even that is iffy!

    Good luck Brent with whatever or where ever your future brings you, let us all know where you are, we will follow!

  45. I was hoping he was just on vacation or something! I didn’t know Brent was gone for good!! Love Kimberley and Marke but I don’t really think I’d ever enjoy the morning news as much without Brent! Guess it’s time to find a new channel. . . Will watch out for where he ends up next. What an awful call by CTV, Jason just doesn’t bring to the table what he did.

  46. NOT HAPPY -Moved from Global to CTV when Global cut Steve Darling. I will not be tuning in to CTV news any longer because they cut Brent Shearer. I thought Kari and Brent complimented each other and I actually enjoyed my morning coffee with Kari and Brent.
    Who makes these decisions anyway! Should have cut Kimberly Winn she’s terribly annoying and phoney.
    Good bye CTV morning news.

  47. NOT HAPPY -Moved from Global to CTV when Global cut Steve Darling. I will not be tuning in to CTV news any longer because they cut Brent Shearer. I thought Kari and Brent complimented each other and I actually enjoyed my morning coffee with Kari and Brent.
    Who makes these decisions anyway!
    Good bye CTV morning news.
    Good Luck Brent when a door closes a window always opens.

  48. We miss Brent! You are a great newscaster & will find lots of successl wherever you land. All the best to you and your family.

  49. Brent, your talents will always shine with your authenticity.
    Stay true to who you are and doors will open.
    Re inventing oneself is what it’s all about in today’s corporate
    world. You’ll find your way and never look back! Thanks for
    the am time you shared . ??

  50. Best of luck to Brent and his family in whatever and wherever he chooses to go.

    Geez people, these are folks in the “business” and in today’s market they move around all the time. Gone are the days of working for a network for decades. As long as they read the prompter for news/weather/sports and can carry on an intelligent neutral conversation during an interview, pretty much any camera trained professional can do the job. They are not your friend.

  51. I agree with most of the posts. CTV has been our go to news show. To get rid of the greats; Colleen(amazing!) Brent(loved him!) and keep Tamara(boring and can’t believe she holds the 6 o’clock spot) Jason and there are others just shows that perhaps the ones making these decisions should be the ones to go! We will also be going to global. Astonishing that CTV wouldn’t let their loyal viewers know where our favorites have gone.

    Very poor choices CTV! You are simply keeping the D team just for $. Meanwhile losing viewers which will cost you $!!

  52. Sorry to hear this, rather watch him than Keri. Should get rid of Ann Luu, how does she rate so many hours? Seems to be there from morn till night. Wouldn`t miss either Keri or Kim. Hope Brent finds something soon.

  53. I liked Brent a lot and thought just his presence added a lot to the mix. I really miss him. You made a mistake CTV.
    Donna Dowling

    • Listen people…Brent getting canned has nothing to do with money…he is the latest in a growing list of great personalities gone for one reason….the color of their skin.
  54. My husband & I switched from Global news ( the British female was hired ( now she’s on weekends evening news& we switch her off) We faithfully watched CTV everyday then Brent disappeared! We kept thinking he was on holidays until I just checked goggle!! Cannot believe he was cut!! Why?? Oh & no words from above or even a goodbye. What the heck?? Do the viewers not count anymore? Yes I agree wth all the other comments- we are now a minority- being white & solid English .. NOT Happy- hiring now is all about ethical rights- not how good one is in their job – Jason is better doing sports NOT news– what’s next CTV?? Going off the air or hiring more anchors that will banter & push their opinions on viewers- fake news SELLS

  55. This is messing with my morning routine . Brent and Keri had great chemistry! I wasn’t happy when Amar left And now got used to seeing Brent . This is very disappointing ! No offence to Jason but ,Brent is better ! Pull it together CTV !!!

  56. A very poor business to be in.
    Sorry to hear Brent Shearer is gone, a great personality and he added so much.

  57. Like so many other viewers, I thought Brent was on holidays, and I’m so sad to hear he was cut, especially without letting the viewers know. I am going to start channel hopping looking to see where he lands, as he had charm and a warm, welcoming manor.
    You are missed, Brent, and I, like many others, will watch to see where you land. Keep strong! You have lots ‘n lots of fans willing to follow you!

  58. Missing Brent, big time! He was so refreshing next to the rest of them. I always enjoyed his quiet easy personality. This complimented Keri as she can be a little much sometimes. Keri & Marke tend to hog the camera, gets tiring after awhile. I’m now a full time Global viewer. CTV, you blew it!
    Best of luck to you Brent, better things are in store for you.

  59. Brent,,, I just found out that they let you go. I kept wondering why you were not on the morning desk. I cannot believe this.. You and Kerri did make a good team.
    All I can say is when a door closes another one opens and it seems to be a better door.
    You are going to be really missed.
    CTV closed down there Morning show in Toronto which we loved all the people on the show which had been there for years. Now gone… Loved Jeff. The weather man..
    You will be missed Brent but wish you all the Best in the coming future and I know you will. Do Well..

  60. I too kept wondering where Brent Shearer went?
    Kept seeing Jason Pires and thought but he does
    And tonite thought I would try to find why or where
    Brent had gone?
    Needless to say I am shocked and very sad to read
    that BC CTV has let Brent go. The same with what
    they did with Colleen Christie and Michael Kuss.
    Shame on BC CTV !!

    The Best and most qualified Professionals are in
    essences Fired. But they keep all the ‘brown misers
    This is unbelievable and unimaginable to be sure
    I also agree that Tamara Taggart should be let go
    as she is incompetent and thinks she knows it all
    but doesn’t!!
    Sorry I am not a fan of Kerri Adams but miss Brent
    Shearer. He was the reason why I watched Morning Live
    Jason is not a Morning Host but A great Sports Jock

    What is going on at BC CTV ? Whatever it is I am done
    will watch the trusted CBC., KVOS Seattle, and CNN
    And for other local BC News – on Global or Online.

    Good luck to all the DoDo’s at BC CTV

  61. Why all the secrecy? Shouldn’t loyal employees be thanked live instead of pushed out the door!
    Fast learning great disrespect for CTV .
    For shame!!

  62. I’m shocked that Brent was let go !! I thought Jason was just a fill in !! Sorry to say but I agree with many on here, Kari should have been the one to go !! I find Kari is loud and just tries to hard and it’s annoying!! It was awesome when Brent was there to take over when Kari was on holidays, he did a great job! Wrong decision in my books I’m going back to global !!
    All great things in your future Brent !!!

  63. OH NO! Loved Brent & Keri’s banter. We are very disappointed with CTV and their inane programming decisions. Seriously, get rid of the traffic parrot Kimberly. “Absolutely!”

    CTV has shown their true colours in their complete lack of regard to the viewers and their employees.

    We can get news and updates elsewhere, it is your online personalities that keep people watching.

    Sad for Brent and his family.

    The CTV building is a perfect homeless shelter.

  64. Like so many others, thought Brent was on holidays and was awaiting a return to his presence on the show. Wrong person let go. Reflects poorly on CTV that there was no comment made about this decision.

  65. What!!! Was wondering where Brent was and finally looked it up to find out another terrible move by Bell media! Was so sad about Colleen and now another blow with Brent. Why? Tamara (pretentious), and Kimberly Wynn ( fake) are too much to take! Constantly disappointed. Will keep an eye out for them elsewhere.

  66. I so agree with Susan. Tamara should have been cut. So fake. I haven’t been able to watch CTV at 6pm for some time now. I am a former black nova scotian. Been here since 2014 and CTV Morning LIve was my go to station. I am closer to Mark’s age (I’m 64 now) but I truly enjoyed your perspective and how some of the newcomers looked up to you. I am also a musician (guitar) and lead vocals. Good luck my friend. The best is yet to come!!!

  67. the reason I watched the news, liked it even better when Keri was not there. You will be missed .

    Brent you were

  68. I’m so disappointed . I cannot stand to watch the morning CTV . Not a fan of Kim or Jason .
    Brent was so pleasant to watch . I’ll be switching to global !

  69. CTV is not the same in the mornings, Jason does not cut it.
    I thought you were just on Holiday.

    I will be switching channels.

    CTV made a big mistake!

    Good Luck to you and your family.

  70. I liked Brent. He was a good anchor. When someone does their job, it’s a hard pill to take when your let them go.

    Very sad these news shows discard people the way they do.

  71. Interesting comments – we certainly don’t know the real reasons people come and go. Sad to see some viewers bashing the CTV personalities. I quite enjoy morning live and welcome all of you into my home. Great job Keri, Jason, Marke and Kim and all support staff!

  72. Loved Brent, Colleen, Michael and Steve Darling . Always a very classy group of people and a pleasure to see on a daily basis. This industry is very cut throat it seems and a very poor career choice in this day and age. I, as so many others have expressed, no longer wish to watch Global or CTV – Vancouver. Wishing the very best to all of you as you go forward in your working years.

  73. Wow what can I say… you kept Norma, put Jason in Brett s position??
    So many people have said what has needed to be said. Wrong!!!
    CTV Vancouver I come from the east unfortunately your show is already questionable from my standard of news and now you do this … not good very unprofessional
    Brent was the only one who made sense all the others were ??
    Jason unfortunately can not even read the cards and is very embrassenly inappropriate even to his colleagues

  74. Brent,you have that west coast aura to you and you’ll be sadly missed in this mid island town,,,all the best to you and your family.We are all sure that the future for you will a lot brighter than working for the CTV crusted upper management …all the best….!!!!!

  75. We used to call you “robot boy ” for the stupid way you always looked at the camera. Surprised they didn’t get rid of you sooner.

  76. Like many other viewers, I also left Global. TV because of their firing of Steve Darling. I really liked the news team at CTV. I thought Brent was on a long holiday but just read that he was let go. Good-bye CTV. I guess I’ll switch to an American station.


  78. We too thought Brent was on an extended vacation. So sorry to see you go Brent. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  79. Kerry and Brent just went together like apple pie and ice cream !! If it was the decision Of CTV then it was a poor one … Kerry and ? … can’t think of his name at the moment do NOT work together … I’m sure he’s a nice guy not putting him down in any way … but he does NOT liven up the morning show as a morning show needs to be … love you Kerry but you need a new anchor he just doesn’t cut it in that position … I hope CTV is on the look out for another co host cuz I personally do not enjoy the broadcast as I did with the two of them as a team ! I’ve found myself watching more of GMA in the mornings now … I’d rather stay local well local as I get living in the okanagan … but I’m just not feeling it guys sorry … all I can say is they better hang onto Kerry ! … or there will e a lot of peeps changing channels !

  80. Sorry Keri if i misspelled your name …. although I could t even “remember” Jason’s in my last comment lol … as for kym and marke … they are great … I haven’t found too many road reporters I’ve liked … kym seems very genuine I think more so a little more shy than snotty as some have said and tries a little too hard at times … but overall good job kym ! And marke is hilarious with his impressions etc … he brings a lot to the show ! … will be tough to find a replacement for Brent tho but Jason …..sorry to say is not it ….

  81. After all this time I finally goggled Brent. I have to say I watch CTV in the am and enjoyed Keri and Brent, I did not care for the Global am newscasters. I watch Global in the pm because I find Tamara irritating and don’t understand why she made it this far. I am very happy that Michael Kuss was on Global and has now found a new job and when Colleen Christie turned up there. At least Global is picking up some real talent.

  82. Ah Brent! We love you and watched you every morning. Good luck in your future endeavours! You are one of the best News Anchors I know.

  83. Are some of you still in highschool? Can you not wish Brent Shearer the best without making insulting comments towards other TV personalities like, “they should have fired Keri Adams instead”. You know they’re people with feelings too.

    Wow, that’s so highschool. That’s internet bullying and what is leading to young kids feeling tormented and committing suicide. Yeah, people like YOU making nasty comments just to make yourselves feel better.

    Besides, I find Keri Adams totally unoffensive. If you don’t like them then just don’t watch.

  84. How could CTV let a professional guy like Brent go and keep an unprofessional blabbermouth like Kerri. She is the reason I often switch to Global. Who needs to listen to her opinion all the time. Report the news don’t comment on it. Kerri is very unprofessional.

  85. You were wayyyyy better then the guy they replaced you with. The sports guy? really? lol he’s boring and bland and makes me want to change the channel… Who let that guy in as an achor /facepalm.


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