Subway seeking $210-million in lawsuit against CBC after ‘factually incorrect’ chicken report



Wednesday March 22nd, 2017


Subway is looking for a whole lotta bread from CBC for a report that suggested roughly half of the fast-food chain’s chicken wasn’t, in fact, chicken.

Subway has filed a lawsuit seeking $210-million in damages against the CBC after a Marketplace report aired that alleged close to 50% of the chicken it uses in sandwiches is actually soy.

“Despite our efforts to share the facts with the CBC about the high quality of our chicken and to express our strong objections to their inaccurate claims, they have not issued a retraction, as we requested,” Subway said in a Thursday statement, according to the New York Post. “Serving high-quality food to our customers is our top priority, and we are committed to seeing that this factually incorrect report is corrected.”

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  1. Marketplace has completely lost the plot over the past two years, and I finally gave up on it.

    What was the final straw for me was when they tried to paint White Canadians as racist towards visible minorities and Muslims.

    They did not interview any Asians or East Indians at all, or if they did, they sure did not air the results.

    And when they failed to find any White people that were racists, they hired White actors to portray racist scenarios!

    Not once, but twice!

    Enough, already with the fake news.

    Apparently, CBC thinks that only White people live in Canada, and only White people are racists. And, they think that the average viewer is stupid. Now they’re being sued.

    I hope Subway wins – and it looks like they have a case – the CBC itself once did an expose on the fake results that were produced from certain laboratories.

    We can only hope that the award money is taken out of the CBC budget and not born by the taxpayer.

    Next lawsuit? Arbor Funeral Homes and Cemeteries … over the “high cost of funerals” story. Another fake scenario and incomplete story.

  2. I agree man that segment where they baited suckers with the Make America Great hats was absolutely bush . A new low at The Corpse.

  3. Breaking news: Maybe 50 percent of the chickens at the CBC are lesbians? No wonder they don’t lay any eggs at the motherf*ckingcorpse, except goose eggs.


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