Canadian media is pushing us all to be Liberal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chats with his wife, Sophie Gregoire, after watching the Broadway musical “Come From Away”, in New York City on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz)

By Gerry Nicholls

Saturday March 18, 2017


Imagine if instead of facing Opposition parties in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced nothing but a wall-to-wall mirror, meaning all he could see was his own adorable reflection.

OK, don’t worry, this is not a set up for a lame joke about Trudeau’s narcissism. It’s actually a set up for a lame metaphor about the Canadian media’s dogmatism.

My point is many mainstream pundits and journalists (I’m looking at you The Globe & Mail and CBC and Maclean’s) keep pushing Conservatives and New Democrats to mirror Liberal Party policies.


Indeed, anytime Conservatives or New Democrats stray too far from Liberal orthodoxy, media-types condemn them swiftly and savagely as if they were political heretics.

We’re certainly seeing this dynamic in action during the ongoing Conservative leadership campaign.

In fact, Conservative leadership candidates are routinely flayed in the media for such “sins” as opposing the Liberal carbon tax or for opposing the Liberal firearms policy or for opposing the Liberal definition of the word “Islamophobia”.


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  1. Could not agree more…Liberals seek attention and approval.
    Conservatives tend to be rougher around the edge and prepared to be unpopular.
    Both serve a purpose, but these days my preference is for a pragmatic, no nonsense approach..GO KEVIN!!

  2. Its hard to believe that in this age of Brexit, and Donald Trump we’re stuck with an airhead, lightweight bozo like Justin. Hopefully we see a global shift away from Liberals to Conservative values. Brexit and Trump are a good start. The fake news liberal media are still fighting the election results in the USA. Sooner or later the msm will need to get a grip on reality or they will become irrelevant.

  3. What we have here in Canada but also most of the western world today is an “unholy alliance”. This alliance has become one between these groups.

    Atheistic, Socialists/Communists, their various social action groups/stooges in SJW’s, 3rd wave feminists and militant LGBT groups.

    Islam, notably its activists living in the western world.

    Imposter Pope and his high Clergy in the Catholic Church.

    Virtue signalling Christians, who so badly do not want to be seen as bigoted, prejudiced or racist, to the point that they will guilt themselves from their own core beliefs.

    This unholy alliance is destructive to the Western, democratic and developed world. The combined and in many ways overlapping ideology between these groups SO HATE THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD, its success in bettering the lives over the last century or so of about 1/2 the world in ways of liberty, freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, free market values and core tenets of justice.

    They all share a common belief of a utopia and use each other to further each’s own motives. But they are not one in of the same. The biggest groups in this alliance here are Socialists/Communists and Islam. They are in bed with each other so to speak as on the surface they seem similar, but they are not. If either were to attain ascendancy over each other and society in general they would go after and take out the other. HISTORY IS POCK MARKED WITH THIS FACT!

    This unholy alliance conspires to tear down the Western Developed World. To do so ably means they must tear down the United States of America, for it’s the lynch pin circa 2017 to the Western Developed World’s continued success and survival. If the USA as we know it goes down ALL OF THE WEST WILL GO WITH IT! Using attacks on President Trump as a core to this long held and hoped for destruction of the West is their combined prime motive today.

    The believed utopia that notably the Socialists/Communists, their various SJW groups and useful stooges, most educators from grade school to high school to universities, is so blindingly entrenched in their flawed and failed ideology that they can’t see IT HAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER WORK! They will only get a distopia if they were to win. Using Islam and Islam using them both selfishly try to attain the end game to their flawed, anti-Western, anti-democratic idealism.

    THEY MUST FAIL! We who have been born, raised and live in the Western Developed World, the greatest and most successful experiment in social, political, democratic and economic ideals in human history, as flawed as it has and can be at times, MUST FIGHT BACK! Complacency will be our undoing. We must see this unholy alliance as a threat to all we stand for.

    We must call them out, call out the virtue signaling politicians, Imams, activists, professors, teachers, bureaucrats and other useful stooges and any other who threaten us with their flawed and failed ideology.

    All politicians who virtue signal MUST BE VOTED OUT OF POWER! All those who conspire to destroy the west must be fought against and will be as in due time the silent majority will wake up and will push back. It can be politically and socially but can in time become a real conflict and even physical. The longer we sleep the costlier it will be.

    This unholy alliance is misinformed and its ideals of a socialism and social justice activism leading us to their ‘utopia’ will fail as its antithetical to the way human beings wish to think, feel, believe and live their lives. How long will our struggle be is the factor.

    But see it for what it is, an unholy alliance and it must be crushed.

  4. If one’s values are based on the idea of only a social construct, with a political representation, ultimately your values are indefensible to any logic and tests. Your ascribed to values are then easily manipulated, duped and over ridden by those who have power or seek to over you.

    Core values must be defended but must be tested too. If your values are to have value to a greater society it must be acceptable to the masses and meet the guideline of at least in the western world, free, just and of liberty. The Western developed world ascended to its rightful place with a high cost in life, liberty and to the treasury, all with with a simple righteousness.

    Liberty, freedoms of association, speech, press, conscience, democratic principles and a case for justice. Core values by those who live in this culture/society must be defended and not just abridged or swept aside. There are those who seek to subvert the values and success of the Western developed world, with its warts and all. They have been indoctrinated to believe in a uptopian dream that most identifies with the tenets of socialism/communism and they like tentacles search out others to use as dupes. Toss in Islam and it does the same with its tentacles of a utopian dream too under Islam by reaching out to many of the same
    socialist/communist/SJW forever a victim dupes.

    If you as a member of this great society of the west, where you have and can associate with freedom of conscience, speech, association, while yes being accountable to justice, DO NOT HOLD TO YOUR VALUES OR HAVE SUCH WEAK ONES! You too will be a danger to society, especially if you were to attain level of political power and by such lack of core values you are manipulated, duped, played, run over by more powerful entities. Virtue signalling today by especially but not limited too white/western/liberal/Christian persons is a danger and as our current PM among many leaders in the west do today, does through virtue signalling and having little if any true core values, makes him and them a threat to our way of life, our culture, our greatest society ever to walk and live on this planet, THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD!

    If you love yourself, all you lived through, good and bad, your family and children if you have any, your ability to still live free in THE WESTERN WORLD! Stop and think! Is it not worth fighting for? Push back, socially, politically and by how you live. As in my earlier post this unholy alliance against the West is out to destroy the West. We must defend it and show them and their impressionable stooges that THEY ARE WRONG! History is on our side, use it as a tool/weapon. The cost may be high but only higher if we do not act or act fast enough,

    About 1/2 of the world as we know it lives under the auspices of the greatest society man has ever experimented with. The Western Developed World with its true, tested values. The United States of America with its human induced flaw IS THE CURRENT FOUNDATION for the preservation and spreading of our grand values. Love it or not, matters not, but it is what matters in respect of the power to hold on and keep alive the Western developed world’s idealism and society. The enemies of it hide in shadows and at times in the open. They often make them selves clear in their arrogance, hate, hypocrisy and ignorance. They can be easy to see at times, but we must defeat them. Life post the fall of the West will be a dark, dreary and sad.

  5. Shane,

    Big name or not in the business, you matter no more to this country and world than me or any other person here. BTW I could not give you to bits about you being gay or not. If you use it to cry victim, THEN BOO HOO! Join the club of victim-hood Shane and then move on with your life as many of the rest of us have done and do. I did not insult you. You may choose to be insulted, that is your business, but at that I don’t care at all if you are insulted.

    Are you a Socialist/Commie, an ignorant SJW, 3rd wave never ending victim crier feminist or militant LGBT member, a radical Muslim? If so you are likely a threat to the Western world which still is the greatest society in human history. The most free and most just, WARTS AND ALL! than any other society today or that has passed us all by.

    Damn rights, I will call you out then and defend this society from attacks.

    Of course I and all of us can make this albeit flawed, but already great society better. BUT NOT BY TEARING IT DOWN AS SOCIALISTS/COMMIES, SJW’S, 3RD. WAVE FEMINISTS, RADICAL MUSLIMS AND VIRTUE SIGNALLING CUCKS OF OTHER STRIPES ARE TRYING TO DO! All in some ignorant attempt to make a ‘utopia’ which only exists in these different groups but oddly enough, allies little minds!

    That said what of my rant is insulting? Do you hate the Western developed world to be insulted? Including that of the USA which has been and still is the leader of the Western developed and free world? If so, why do you hate the greatest society in human history, that of the Western developed world notably 20th century up to today?

    Nice little jab to finish your self important reply though Shane. That sound is the sound of one hand clapping for you. You have no idea about my life and such but good for you, you feel good about that jab at me? MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO ME THOUGH!

    MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN! Like President Trump is trying to do with MAGA! Keep the Western developed world as the bench mark of general freedom, free market ideology and general justice. No to never ending victim hood. No to constant identify politics of left. No to silly guilt shaming. I HAVE ZIP, ZERO, NADA GUILT AS A MIDDLE AGED, WHITE MALE TO ALL THE TROUBLES THAT HAVE PASSED! Sorry but MOVE ONE FOLKS! Society never did favors for me, I never asked for any either from my society. I never was tossed money and money from societal guilt. No to Socialism and Communism, the most immoral political/social ideology. No to any religion that is by design unjust and uncompromising.

    If you or any others here don’t like my words, too bad. I am still free to have my thoughts and my speech. Challenge and debate them if you like. Or you can choose to accept them in whole or in part or ignore them too. But don’t cry victim to me, because you will get no tears, only maybe more of a tongue lashing of my opinions.

    Canada like some other western nation states may be going to a cuck like and backwards state especially with our current virtue signalling and cuck PM Trudeau, but we still have free speech and free thoughts. We are not yet Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, China, the former USSR and its then East Bloc, or any Islamic state, even if many idiots here and in he west are trying to make it so.

  6. Shane

    I have absolutely NO Idea who you and I do not care.

    “Big Name”? Does that make you better than a Gay Person that is not a “Big Name”?

    In my Field I am a “Big Name” and I do not feel I have any authority or sway on others in that field. I do not get it.

    Why is it the “Left” always talk about “Free Speech” but they never want those on the conservative side of things to speak up?

    It reminds me of the time Condoleezza Rice who happens to be a “Big Name” in several Fields and believe it or not perhaps even “Bigger Name” name than you was shouted down and in fact stopped from making a Speech at Princeton by Activist Left Wing Anarchist Students..

    Look Shane you can choose to be insulted and you can choose to be a Martyr all you like but “Freedom of Speech” is “Freedom of Speech”!

    Unless thee is “Hate” and none of us want that an individual is entitled to that “Free Speech” even if you do not agree with Les.

    Frankly I believe most Canadians and Americans agree with much of what Les has to say.
    I can guarantee you that Millions of EU Residents curse the Day that the EU Uber Left Leadership made the choice to have open Borders and allow OPEN Migration of People from any Country to flow into Europe.

    As a wise man once said, “Without Borders and without control of Immigration one has NO Country”!!

    Ask any one in the EU what they think of their EU Leadership now.

    I do not care whether you are an Asian Nation, an Arab Nation, a Western Nation, or any other
    Nation, your Nation has the right to demand certain things from Migrants and your Nation should not be obligated to allow Migration of any People that believe their Religion takes precedence over the “Rule of Law” of the Host Country.

    I may not always agree with Les but I think it is rather unfortunate that you chose to comment as you did. Hell, next time I may agree with you on a point, insulted? Really?

    But you are still a “Big Name” to me, whoever the Hell you are!!

    Silly and Juvenile!

  7. Shane or should we say legend in your own mind. Ive been following blogs (PSR and Keeping it Real with Harvey Oberfeld) for quite some time. Ive read some outlandish and absurd stuff (crap). Ive seen some very bad behavior exhibited and seen some people banned from blogs.
    “Les as a big name in this business….” is the most repugnant line I have ever come across.
    Pity you Shane.

  8. Rupert,

    I guess you can’t handle contrary opinions to yours. Do you have a proper rebuttal to my points here? Or will you like the SJW I bet that you probably are yap like a yappie dog and then run looking for a safe space. If so go hide in your bedroom closet or under your bed. I will stay in the real world and fight and push back from all leftist, SJW, Commie, anti-west BULL *HIT.

    One more thing folks, borrowing from Ben Shapiro, on socialism and its immorality, so if I may?

    Socialism is immoral even if a majority may vote for it. IE: Say myself, Rupert and Shane are in a room and Rupert as well as Shane find out I have $100 cash and they both have nothing. They both talk about it and then agree to together come at me and accost me for my $100. They may have voted 2:1 to take my money but they are still committing an immoral act. THAT IS SOCIALISM IN A MICROCOSM.

    To any of you/us who ever debate socialism to a socialist/leftist. THEY ARE MOSTLY INCAPABLE OF SEEING THE OBVIOUS OF HOW IT DOES NOT WORK! It never has and never will as a social/economic/political ideology. But in their blind lust for social virtue even if they may in the end agree with you that it has not worked and won’t work in the long run ( history backs that up), they will stand on a flawed POV of “AT LEAST IT’S FAIR!”

    UM NO ITS NOT! It’s 100% immoral and reprehensible. Just because you, me, all of us are alive and breathing does not mean WE DESERVE TO GET STUFF! In this life on this planet that we all live on, it’s about getting out from what you contribute/ put in, more or less.

    Sure some people luck out more than others. Some people are dealt a rotten hand in life, sadly too bad, deal with it. We all can likely tell of rotten life stories even if we are rich or poor, good looking or not, smarter or less so, healthier or not so healthy… ON and ON!

    LIFE IS NOT FAIR! IT NEVER WAS AND IT NEVER WILL BE! SO GET OVER IT! Sure we should strive to make life better for more or all. Ironically the Western developed world has done more to do that than any other society/culture today and in our past.

    When one accepts their life and all life is not fair, one is then breaking free of the bonds that tie them to this flawed ideology of fairness. You are now FREE! Free to choose and set your life course, warts and all. Fairness is not equal to liberty and freedom. I would rather be poor(er) but free, than be well off but limited by society to be held back to only being in a fair life and equal to others. Free humans DON’T THINK AND WORK THAT WAY!

    I’m just a regular Joe, life has crapped on me and it has propped me up too. Again I carry NO GUILT to my society’s past, no special privilege was granted to me nor have I asked for such. I respond to such nonsense by just trying to live my life to my ability and by trying be a decent person/citizen.

  9. Les,

    It doesn’t hurt to also want to see the less fortunate have opportunities to advance and achieve beyond what they might otherwise be able to do. That’s a part of “immoral” socialism that I approve of. I guess that makes me weak.

    And, because I know you care, I come from a family with very little, worked very hard to put myself thru university and into a broadcast career. I don’t take my job for granted. But I also realize not everyone has even that much of an opportunity to advance themselves. Evidently you don’t.

  10. guesty mcguest,

    A civil and progressive society affords equality of opportunity for all not for just some (often politically motivated) and it does not create a false equality of outcome.

    Virtue seekers and socialists think so little of those who they feel are unable or are unfortunate that they can’t find a fit into a general society without some special assistance and often done for again political reasons.

    This sort of pandering does NOT help said groups and only puts them on a treadmill of looking for forever hand outs. It makes those socialists and virtue seekers who are often better off (even above the average persons in society) by work, ability, hook or crook to FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES THOUGH! ” Look at me, I care.”

    I too realize not everyone has equal opportunity, life is a bitch! I too want society and government to help create an atmosphere of equality of opportunity. This is a truly unattainable goal but should be worked tirelessly towards anyways. This is not a socialistic and liberal, virtue seeking ideal. They believe wrongly in equality of outcome, also an impossible goal as it’s antithetical to the way humans tend to think, live and work.

    The goal of a society where any and all are given equality of opportunity is the best goal even if it is too a bit of a dream…

    If I had a big pot of opportunity to hand out to you, Shane, Rupert and any others, I can only give you the handful of opportunity. What you all do with it is up to you all.

    Say Shane takes the handful of opportunity I gave him and says, “Meh, what do I need with this? I’m good right now.” then tosses it aside as he walks away.

    Meanwhile I give a handful of opportunity to Rupert and he says, “Jeez great, let me walk around with it to see if I can and how much of it I may use.” as he too walks away.

    Then I come to you guesty, and give you a handful of opportunity and you smile bright like the Sun and say, “Hell yeah! Oh yeah! This is effing great!” and you run like Forrest Gump with it to better your life. Should you NOT enjoy as better outcome than Shane or Rupert? THUMP THE SOUND OF A MIC DROP!

    Socialism says you all deserve equal outcomes. B.S. it’s an unfair, horrible and immoral ideology.

  11. Happy Loman,

    Social democracy is not the same as socialism, notably in much of the west today, nihilistic socialism.

    Most any sensible person believes a more properly functioning society nation has us as citizens accepting forms rule and obligations. Sensible people do not want to see any persons left outside a hospital Emergency ward to die, because they can’t pay. Sensible people do not want to see a person or family tossed out of their home onto the streets because they lost employment or a business or due to some condition they can’t work anymore. Sensible people do not want the guilty to escape justice. Sensible people do not want the illiterate to stay illiterate. Do you see my points made or must I go on with examples?

    We all accept our part of a society’s obligations. But socialism is not about acceptable obligations it’s about an often self-righteous state control over you, me all of us in any and all ways it see’s fit to it and its existence! Liberals, socialists/communists, SJW’s, and a host of other like-minded groups are borderline neurotic and nihilistic in love with socialism. The most perverse and immoral social, economic and political system in human history.


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