Jeff Winskell New Bell PD for 22 BC Interior Stations

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Jeff Winskell


Thanks to Broadcast Dialogue, as well as Gord Lansdell at Northwest Broadcasters for word that former Astral Media and Bell Media Vancouver executive Jeff Winskell (pictured) has accepted a new role within Bell Media. He will be moving back to Kelowna to oversee 22 stations throughout the B.C. Interior as group PD, succeeding Mark Burley, who was released in the staff cuts last month.   He previously was posted to Kelowna by Astral Media as Assistant Regional Brand Manager.


Winskell has most recently been PD for Bell’s St. Catherines ON radio cluster and assumes his new position at the end of the month.  Winskell held a number of positions, first in Nanaimo and then in Vancouver from 2002-12.




  1. I see from Facebook that TJ Connors (AMD/PD for Country103 Kamloops) is moving East, to HTZ-FM St. Catherine’s no less, for PM drive! Could this be Jeff’s replacement?

  2. He’s not really a PD. Maybe for Kelowna. As for places like Trail and Salmon Arm it’s ‘format-in-abox. You don’t need a PD for that. You just shove a format down the throats of a community whether they want it or not. He will probably never set foot in most of those towns. Might as well be in Toronto – oh, that’s where the stations are really programmed from. Sad.

  3. As for places like Trail and Salmon Arm it’s ‘format-in-abox. You don’t need a PD for that.

    I wonder, old crocodile, how many Canadian radio station “managers” have the earphone in their ear, while the “wizard of oz” in TO barks commands from the bench.

    Yes, suh, yes, suh, three bags FULL !


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