Morning Joes’ Mika Brzezinski says, ‘Its our job to control what people think’!!!


MSNBC Morning Joes’ Mika Brzezinski says controlling what people think is her job! #FakestreamMedia
She said, he (Trump) can actually control what people think, and that is our job…. Really?




  1. Mika Brzezinski is wrong. Despite what she claims otherwise, it’s not the liberal media’s job to control what people think and I hope someone paying attention told her so via Twitter or Fakebook (or some other means).

  2. The news media’s job is to intrinsically report the news with facts as they/we know it at the time of reporting. Proper vetting before any reporting shall reduce news errors. If the [news] media believes it should control how the people think, it is not being journalistically responsible. The media is then nothing but a propaganda machine, much like that of Goebbels during the Nazis and that of Pravda and Izvestia during the USSR era or much like what is being fed to the people in North Korea, China, Cuba, most Muslim nations etc.

    Of course bias does infiltrate news media but that is why in the western, democratic world we were/are to have choice in media outlets and can see the wheat through the chaf of bias by the choices presented to us. To lose this will make us NO BETTER than the USSR was, Nazi Germany was, China, N/K, Cuba and most every Muslim nation and a host of s**t hole African nations are today. WE CAN AND MUST DO BETTER!


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