Jason Barrett of Barrett Sports Media with Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast





Matt Cundill

By Matt Cundill

PSR Contributor

Wednesday February 8th, 2017


Jason Barrett is the owner of Barrett Sports Media, a New York based sports programming and marketing company designed to help sports radio and television companies, professional sports teams, and sports agencies, enjoy long-term success in the audio, digital and social media space. Okay – I took that part from his website, but if any part of your radio day involves sports or digital – you need to watch the digital trends in sports to understand how it’s all going to be consumed in the future.

I had Jason on before the NFL season got underway and I thought it would be fitting to bring him back again to discuss the myths about ratings, what happens when your team leaves town, and where the sports broadcast talent of tomorrow is going to come from.


About Matt…

“Matt Cundill works with radio groups on digital strategies and talent coaching. He recently started the Sound Off Podcast: The Podcast about Broadcast”

Twitter: @mattcundill

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” The Sound Off Podcast is committed to helping broadcasters find their way through the digital revolution. “







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