Bell Media Fires Mark & Janet Burley same day, same station!



Mark Burley

Word out of Kelowna is Bell Media has let go Mark Burley. Mark was the Group Program Director for Bell Media’s stable of 22 radio stations in the BC Interior. He was responsible for mentoring 7 Program Directors across 5 formats originating within 7 different clusters. He was also responsible for the direction and integration of Network Programming in the group, leading the Sun FM Network from Kelowna which consistently tops ratings in the Okanagan Valley. Previous to that, Mark worked for Pelmorex in Northern Ontario, Mark was integral in developing Network integration and address-ability. He worked hand in hand developing what eventually became the NetSend / NetMerge function within Music Master so that local day-parts could be scheduled against Network music logs.


Puget Sound Radio contacted Mark, but he had no comment to make at this time. We wish you well, Mark!

Mark’s Linkedin page HERE


Update: Bell Media also fired Burley’s wife from the station she was working at on the same day.






  1. What Tom said. Mark did too good a job; got 22 stations running together seamlessly, and attracting talent talent usually better than the market size. Things are running great up there! What’s this guy doing again?

  2. Seriously people, what goes on in the heads of the suits back in Toronto, most of whom probably don’t even know where Kelowna is. Talk about heartless. They strip an entire family unit of their income with no thought of the possible consequences. Obviously no conscience at all. Have to feel bad for Mark and his wife. All so some unnamed clown in an ivory tower can keep his job. Next thing you know they will wonder why their listener ratings are down and then they’ll dump more people because they have to cut costs. Complete joke.

  3. Bob R: There is no need for “them” to visit the Kelowna market, They don’t care if the family unit is stripped of income. Have to admit that this was one of the dumbest, stupidest firings, ever, at Bhell Kelowna. The Burley’s MADE them money !


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