CNN Denied Pass to Inauguration’s ‘Deploraball’


CNN reportedly asks for access to Inauguration event, gets curt note on why they won’t get it instead


By Samantha Chang

January 19, 2017


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

CNN got an epic smackdown when it requested press passes to cover the highly anticipated DeploraBall, a pro-Trump inauguration party being held tonight at the National Press Club.

MAGA 3X, the group that organized the DeploraBall, posted a blistering response to CNN, saying its press application was rejected because of the network’s history of biased news coverage.

MAGA 3X said it had issued press passes to other liberal media outlets like the New Yorker and New York magazine, but CNN didn’t deserve to cover the event.

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It’s Official CNN Press pass DENIED

and THIS

CNN LIES about crowd size….

How sad a nation would actually believe a fake news network like CNN and their photos of a empty inauguration crowd. If you did not see it live for yourself, then how could you possibly digest what you are spoon fed?





  1. Whoa! Can you say BUTT SLAMMED!

    Maybe this will have CNN brass rethink their lack of general objectivity in journalism and that it’s not to be a love fest for President Trump and his administration but also not to be a partisan crapping on Trump thing either.

  2. Yesterday CBS was saying that OBAMA has a 60% approval and Trump only has a 32% approval rate. When they start reporting real facts, then grant them passes back

  3. CNN, like most in the radio and TV profession, have that most unattractive quality: a profound narcissism and sense of entitlement. Believe it or not, the majority of people do NOT watch you, listen to you, care about you.

  4. Just sayin’,

    YEP! today one can get news and editorial info covering a wider gamut than just what legacy mainstream media gives. The MSM has gotten fat and lazy with an entitlement idealism that they make the news and that they shall be universally trusted for info and editorials. THEY ARE WRONG, CIRCA 2017!

    They better see this error and correct their ways or they will all be swept away to total irrelevancy.

  5. Graham,
    I don’t understand your mentality? Yes, the country is divided, but its anti-American liberal networks to blame for turning the nation against itself. It mind boggles me how old time newsmen in the industry now in retirement years have lowered their level as true journalism by watching the ‘hen-fest’ show, The View on a daily basis, which quickly poisons ones mind. It’s pure evil, and you sir, and so many others in the industry have fallen hook, line and sinker in the deception. I can’t wait to see what CKNW is going to do to absolutely destroy their credibility, and become widely known as FAKE NEWS!

  6. Knock the zero off of Obama’s “approval” rating number and double Trump’s number and you have the real numbers. CBS News has just shown how bad as CNN they are when it comes to fake news and liberal bias.

  7. Sigh, remember when the media reported the news, now they create the news…

    Maybe the FCC should review the broadcasting licences of these networks

  8. Rocker Rich:

    Blame the liberal crybully toddlers throwing their collective temper tantrum while pretending to be “protesters” for the smaller crowds at the Trump inauguration. Plus, if they have to wear masks and bandanas to hide their identities during their “protest”, it means they only have criminal intent in mind.

  9. It should be noted that while CNN was denied a pass for being too left, FOX was granted passes no matter that they are too far right.

    Hopefully, by Monday this pettiness will be over and Trump can get on with, “making America great again.”

  10. Terry, CNN was not denied a pass for being left, they were called out for LYING!!! Didn’t you read the Dear CNN in the thread?


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