Video Proof of CNN Fake News

Calling CNN “fake news” is one thing. Showing people exactly WHY they are fake news is something else. If you want to prove to your loved-ones that Mainstream media is full of crap and are, THEMSELVES, the very propagators of FAKE NEWS…as Trump said in his first press conference…give ’em this video!!

And then there is this!


If that wasn’t enough… please check this out. I remember watching this on CNN back in 1992, do you?


  1. I can’t stomach FOX or CNN, and that’s the main reason we don’t have cable. I don’t doubt that they use actors to “recreate” live events and that the recreations give the viewer a different perspective than footage of the actual events would have provided. As far as staging tragedies, I do not believe that they do that. At his news conference on Wednesday, Trump was right to condemn Buzzfeed for spreading unverified allegations and chastise CNN for spreading summaries of them. The source, as you have probably seen, was a retired British intelligence officer who believed what he had been told by his sources. It costs money to verify those secondary sources and Buzzfeed and CNN didn’t bother. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t understand this. There are still ways of determining whether news is real or fake, but it takes a little time after stories first break to do this, and most people don’t bother.

  2. firstly, I’m anything but a republican, and really take exception to this Graham in labeling anyone who has a clear thought in their head, as a republican or conservative. The great thing I’ve learned in visiting this website is they, PSR have the guts to present the other side, even if its not popular to do so. I can’t believe how much this site has opened my eyes and ears about who the real Fake News is, and it really is corporate media. They lie, distort the facts. Unreal! Thanks PSR

  3. Have to admit to call PSR a republican (right wing) supporter is laughable. The only bias I have ever noticed on PSR is the lengths it goes to when defending the media.
    The fact that they are willing to help expose the fraudulent news being aired at CNN doesnt make them anything except open and honest.

  4. I found it interesting to note something about the reporter from 1992 in this article(Charles Jaco). His career really went nowhere after this came out. Word must have circulated in the 1990s that he was faking it here and there with CNN. This is actually quite funny and disturbing to watch at the same time. More funny for me because I am not a journalist.

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