NBC voices ‘Deep Concerns’ Over ‘Bad, Inaccurate and Misleading’ New Nielsen Rating System


Network Ad Sales boss Linda Yaccarino takes issue with new Total Content Ratings

NBC isn’t sold on Nielsen’s new Total Content Ratings measurement, saying it fails in its ambition to track viewers across all platforms, not just TV.


In a letter sent to Nielsen and obtained by TheWrap, NBC Ad Sales boss Linda Yaccarino expressed “deep concerns” over the product and said she doesn’t want it to be released any time soon. Yaccarino is all in favor of tracking viewership across multiple platforms, but said Nielsen’s new measurement won’t get the job done.


Yaccarino also said TCR’s “premature release is irresponsible,” adding that the system is “bad, inaccurate and misleading.” Nielsen plans a wide release of the product on March 1.


Nielsen replied in a statement to TheWrap:

Nielsen stands behind our Total Audience Measurement. Total Content Ratings is on schedule to syndicate data on March 1st, at which time Nielsen clients will be able to use the data for external purposes. Up until this time, the data being released to publishers and, subsequently, to agencies is for internal evaluation only. 



  1. They seem to be concerned because the ratings tell them that fewer and fewer people are watching their awful programs. Programs that for years have abandoned the family and American values.

    They, like our “Canadian” networks, seem to live in constant denial and believe that if they show it, people will automatically watch it – even if the programs leave a bad feeling in our stomachs.

    Perhaps the ratings are right – based on the absolute mindless and horrifying programs that our “Canadian” networks are out-bidding each other to simulcast – why on earth would anybody watch?

    Similarly, as our “Canadian” networks are telling us they are struggling, their American program suppliers are now waking up to the fact that people will only take so much before they switch off.

    Perhaps our “Canadian” networks should wake up to this unique opportunity to produce wholesome programming that they can export to the US?

  2. I would be suspicious of any claims by NBC/Universal/ Comcast that something is “unfair”. Everything they do is unfair which is probably catching up with them. It won’t be long before they blame Russian hackers.

  3. An “inaccurate and misleading” Nielsen rating system would probably explain why Full Frontal with Samantha Bee shows higher viewership numbers than it probably really has – I highly doubt that more than 6,000 people watch that garbage, never mind 600,000.

    In all seriousness though, NBC’s gripe about the Nielsens being “inaccurate and misleading” sounds like sour grapes on its part, considering that fewer people watch today’s TV shows and newscasts than used to, and that’s in large part because they’re tired of being subjected to liberal social engineering in dramas, sitcoms and “reality” shows and they’re tired of being lied to by talking heads on the liberal-tilting nightly newscasts and the cable news nets (especially CBC, CNN and MSNBC) who think they have a better grip on what’s going on in society than the general public does.


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