Victoria Radio Ratings Fall 2016 (Numeris)


Universe: 343,560


Universe – Estimated population of the Central Market Area.

Central Market Area – A Numeris defined geographical area, usually centred around one urban centre. The definition of a Central Market Area generally corresponds to Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration, Cities, Counties, Census Divisions or Regional Districts.

Share – Within the central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to all radio.

Central (Ctrl) Reach – The estimated number of different people, within the central market area, who tuned to that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.

Source: Numeris


  1. Dont forget to post the Fraser Valley ratings– you will notice that again, CBC and the Drive are not shown by Numeris. Praise 106 does well and I would love to see how KISM does.

  2. These numbers don’t really show the Victoria market well at all. When you look at the demo breakdown, which isn’t published publicly, Ocean does very well with their target female demo. As for KiSS, I heard they actually did fairly well with their target young female audience as well. Might not be enough for the national buys, but they’re definitely making an impact with young women.

  3. In Victoria talk, it sounds like CBC’s intelligent approach is winning over CFAX’s dumbing down. Getting rid of the thought-provoking trio of Ian Jessop, Frank Stanford & Terry Moore and replacing them with the babbling immaturity of Adam Stirling, the predictable Pam McCall & the banal Mark Brennae, plus the corporate move of joining the homogenous non-descript Heart Radio chain means an ongoing migration of listeners to CBC.

  4. I could not have said it any better than the eloquent comments from Nosy Parker. The dumbing down of commercial talk radio puts the industry in a sad state of affairs. It’s no wonder CFAX’s ratings have taken a precipitous drop, a decline that will repeat itself based on its vacuous content. But that’s no longer an issue I concern myself with because I, like many others, don’t

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  5. Ocean does not do “very well”. I would refer you to the last few books if you care to look at them. They have been on a downward path for a while.

    As too Kiss… well who is doing the morning show today?

    These two stations are owned by the same conglomerate. Dare I say someone @Radio Guy has an interest in?

  6. Nosy Parker hit the nails on the heads. Not that the “News Authority” has ever lived up to that empty brag. Banal is an excellent word for all of CFAX’s programming. Bland and vanilla would also work nicely.

  7. In the Fraser Valley I listen to 96.5 KGMI out of Bellingham. You would think that NW could figure out how to broadcast to the entire lower mainland.


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