CBC wants to dump ads, then bill us for another $400 Million!




Does the CBC really represent you and I? How much do we have to put up with this expensive operation, which is also p0litically biased. Who needs it?




  1. I think we should simply sell the CBC. We can live without their wisdom and jobs may be lost in the short term but will increase with ratings down the road. The government doesnt belong in our living rooms any more.

  2. The private broadcasters complain that CBC Television competes with their advertising dollars, yet they will be the first to complain when CBC Television proposes to drop ads.

    The private broadcasters complain that they can’t produce quality programming that people will watch, preferring to overpay for the privilege of showing the most bizarre and degrading Hollywood schlock ever produced in the entire history of TV production. But the problem is that CBC TV does produce watchable Canadian programming without out bidding other broadcasters for this Hollywood garbage. And most of it is suitable for families, meaning that kids can watch it without an adult chaperone.

    The private broadcasters demand that the CBC be privatized. Only then, we are assured, can decent Canadian programming be produced. Funny, when the Access network in Alberta was privatized, all local production was stopped, shifted to Toronto from Edmonton and the station was renamed CTV2. I haven’t watched it since. It is simply a re-broadcaster of programming of the US networks.

    A quick and easy way to find the money to eliminate advertisements is to shut down the local TV “news” casts as the reporters and on-air staffers do not represent the local demographics and are simply a make-work project for visible minorities and people of alternative sexual lifestyles. Since the ratings are rock bottom anyway, they won’t be missed. Besides, in CBC management’s own words – in their response to my complaints that the CBC Edmonton TV “news” was pre-empted by hockey (!) during their live coverage of the Fort McMurray wildfire – they can adequately cover “news” from Vancouver and Toronto.

    My comment to the CBC: shut down the local TV facilities in markets where the local private stations can provide adequate local “news” coverage and replace these local “news” casts with network programming. The CBC rents or owns the most expensive properties in every city they inhabit, far in excess of anything the private broadcasters own. While their radio networks and programs indeed put private broadcasters to shame, it is not necessary to have palatial offices to produce this programming. Close these expensive facilities and leave the TV drama and comedy programming production to Toronto and Vancouver where it’s done anyway.

  3. The problem with the CBC t.v and radio is that it is so biased politically and socially (to the left). It should by mandate offer equal time to both sides of the social/political paradigm.

    If CBC t.v. wants to follow radio and go commercial free its management structure must be politically and socially fair in their jobs and in programming.

  4. I like Oh Brother’s comments. Ditto Les H.

    Even without extra funding, the CBC has a great chance to reinvent itself in 2017, thanks to the departure of Peter Mansbridge. I don’t have a hate-on for Peter and fully expect him to do special news docs for CBC Newsworld in years to come. But it’s been a terrible mistake to have the anchor of the National also be the gatekeeper for what gets reported on as news.

    Whoever succeeds Mansbridge should not wield the same power. Instead, promote some edgy news executive (maybe someone from print) to give a do-over to the show. Reg’s heartwarming profiles of plucky folk on the prairies and the north should make way for harder hitting presentations of policies that are not working for Canadians (health care, immigration come to mind.) Why should it be left to the Globe and Mail (which wisely poached Kathy Tomlinson away from the CBC) to unearth the assorted real estate scams that have helped make real estate unaffordable in Greater Vancouver?

    If it means me paying a few dollars more per year to make a better CBC, then so be it.

  5. “A quick and easy way to find the money to eliminate advertisements is to shut down the local TV “news” casts as the reporters and on-air staffers do not represent the local demographics and are simply a make-work project for visible minorities and people of alternative sexual lifestyles. ”

    Very good thinking, oh brother!! As Les H put it once – or maybe it was another poster on another site – the lesbians running the CBC are ruining everything!!!!

    Hopefully there’s no minorities or “people of alternate lifestyles” at CTV or Global. We know FOR DAMN SURE there’s none of them on Fox News.

  6. Guesty McGuest,

    Yes, I bet feminist-lesbians are controlling much of the CBC. Feminism is cancer ( Milo Yiannopoulos) add feminist-lesbians (BTW most feminists are lesbians ) and it’s a cancer at stage 4.

    Media such as the CBC and others have been taken over by the SJW groups and these people DO NOT live in realty land but in a la la world of “MY FEELINGS”

    Reality does no give a FCUK about you feelings, GET OVER IT!

    Once any business or industry moves beyond employing people based on merit and only on some abstract of affirmative action, then that business or industry is on a slippery slope to death.

    Look at the BBC and TOP GEAR. The highest rated show for a longtime on BBC, a politically incorrect show that probably bothered feminists and beta males badly. One incident between Clarkson and a producer as wrong as it was but that was over blown and they essentially tossed the show. It’s remake with new hosts has been a dud and no new episodes seen in months.

    Imagine if the Allies fought WWII based on affirmative action where arbitrary SJW ideals decides who did what and how the make up of a unit, battalion or army division should be.


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