Hannity: Election About “The Forgotten Man”




Premiere Networks syndicated Talk radio host and FOX News Channel personality Sean Hannity sounded pretty darn happy as he opened his national radio show today.

Sean Hannity

Saying he was running on only about an hour’s sleep after the long election night, Hannity — who has been widely criticized for his unabashed support of Donald Trump on his radio and TV shows during the campaign — said he could not be happier about the results that awarded the White House to Trump.

Criticizing what he said was heavily biased media coverage in favor of Hillary Clinton Hannity said, “We have an informational crisis in this country and it’s on life support. Unlike them I believe that I work for you. You give me this microphone everyday.

You are my boss and you hire me. And if you don’t listen anymore I’ll be fired, I know that’s the way this business goes. I have always believed I’m here to serve you, and the best way to do that is to be honest and truthful. I tried to do that in this election and many people, even some of my best friends, said I was going to ruin my career. But I felt an obligation to you to go out on that limb because I owe you that. I knew what this election was really about.

It’s about the ‘forgotten man — those forgotten people who stood up to the media establishment, the Republican and Democratic Party establishments, and the globalist establishment who don’t have your interests at heart. The only question I had through all this was would the people come through. And they did that last night.” Hannity has known and been friendly with Trump since the President-elect hosted a daily syndicated commentary, Trumped!, which was syndicated by Premiere Networks a number of years ago.







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