Puget Sound Radio Projected a TRUMP Win before Fox News by 20 minutes!


Donald Trump was chosen by God to become President of the United States of America


A hidden Prophesy from five years ago, April 2011 about God anointing Donald J Trump as President of the United States of America,  only not now, but 4 years later, in 2016






  1. Eight years of Obama regime corruption and criminality is all about to be for naught now that America has a legitimate President once again, one that will actually serve his country’s and its public’s best interests. Congrats to new President-elect Trump on a hard-fought and well-deserved win.

  2. Once again, the “mainstream” media – particularly Postmedia got it COMPLETELY wrong – only the so-called alternative media called for a Trump victory.

    If I were at the National Post, I would be wondering what excuse I would be using to explain why their declining readership should believe anything they read in that paper.

    Their constant attacks on Trump made me question how accurate all their stories are since the Trump stories were clearly fantasy.

    Perhaps it’s time to restore Conrad Black to the helm – he’s the only one that got it right.

  3. Post Media! It was all of the Canadian corporate media, including, the worst offender, CKNW. They’re all part of the 6 Corporate media companies around the world, who own over 90% of radio, television, newspapers and magazines. They were given a directive, an agenda, not to give any favourable comments towards the man, including IGNORING the masses crowds Trump was getting, most notable, the filling of a 55,000 seat stadium. The edited news bytes started on NW back in December. How can anyone listen to mainstream media any longer?

  4. What we are seeing is the minimizing of the mainstream media to the point where they are insignificant. It started ten years ago and has come to what we are seeing today with all the downsizing and layoffs we are seeing today of people in radio, TV and newspaper media.

  5. Adrienne Batra was very good on CTV News Channel. At 10:50 I surfed over to the CBC and watched Mansbridge stare at a monitor for a few long seconds, fumble for his glasses, and then stare some more, all in total silence!
    And this morning the National Post website is clogged up with columns from Colbert and Noah, and more hard-hitting fluff like “avoiding the Trump hot spots in Canada.”
    I cancelled my e-Post sub. I’m not paying for this anymore!

  6. You can’t say we weren’t warned.

    He defeated all his Republican challengers. Brexit told us that the elites were out of touch with the rank and file. The disconnect is not only about economics, but attitudes, education, identity…

    That’s right, you went to a good college and pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and…

    Everybody else was left behind, and they don’t like it.

    The left wing said it was about racism. Pure and simple. That Trump had awakened all the bigoted nutjobs…

    But you can’t win with the bigots only. He defeated Hillary fair and square. How did the intelligentsia get it so WRONG?

    First, the mainstream press thought people were listening to it. To these holier-than-thou talking heads who are paid millions to bloviate in a world where we get our news from the internet, not television… If you’re still watching TV for the answers, you ain’t got a clue. How did I know Trump was gonna win? Because early in the evening Nate Silver had him ahead. Said his odds were better than fifty percent. The same Nate Silver the “New York Times” let go, because the sports reporters didn’t want to cede turf. If you watched the “Times” odds for the last six months the Donald had no chance, Hillary had it locked up.

    But she didn’t.

    Not that Nate Silver is infallible. He missed the Trump phenomenon completely. He thought when the other Republican candidates started dropping out there’d be a rally around Rubio or another RNC-approved candidate. But that never happened. Nate said Trump’s appeal had a ceiling. That turned out to be untrue.

    But at least Silver had the balls to admit he was wrong, to stand up to the “Huffington Post,” which said Hillary had a lock on the election, when it questioned Nate’s methods.

    There are two lessons for you right there. Be willing to change and also be willing to stand up for what you believe in. And in this groupthink world we live in that’s very rare.

    That was part of Trump’s appeal. He refused to play by the rules. He said racist stuff, sexist stuff, he committed faux pas after faux pas, he broke taboos. But what the inside the Beltway people and the mainstream media didn’t realize was that you hear this stuff all the time online, hatred rules, it’s a free-for-all with no decorum. So, people were not offended, they brushed these misdemeanors right off.

    But Hillary was a bad candidate! And there was the Comey letter!

    If you’re depending on those excuses to explain the Democratic loss you’re missing the point. This was not the usual race, everything the pols said counted did not. Trump had little infrastructure, almost no get out the vote effort, yet he won anyway.

    Could Bernie have defeated Donald?

    Maybe. But the same press that made fun of Occupy Wall Street refused to take Sanders seriously. The same cabal that let the Wall Street rapists not only escape scot-free, but triumph once again. That’s right, in the financial world it’s morning in America.

    Maybe not tomorrow, when the markets tank, but…

    The conundrum is that Trump’s victory will only make things better for the wealthy. Kind of like the old days, when Republicans ran against gay marriage so they could lower their taxes. But the Republicans own the narrative. And the narrative is that government is a controlling wastrel which bleeds money and that Hillary Clinton is a crook.

    And the Democratic response?


    Bill O’Reilly is accused of sexual harassment and he fights back, Fox News rallies the troops.

    Democrats are accused of misdeeds and they become crybabies.

    Read More on the link below

  7. I think the Donald was stunned as well as everyone else, and must be shaking in his boots wondering exactly how is he going to fulfill his promises to cure everything that ails the US. The Almighty has arrived?????

  8. Yep, got to admit I sure didn’t see that one coming! Now we can just sit back and watch.

    And speaking of watching, I believe CNN had some of the worst coverage as the results rolled in.
    John King and Wolf Blitzer at the touch computer screen for 80% of the night. Just awful.

  9. The world is a better place with The Donald in charge – I think we can all wholeheartedly agree with that.

    A man of his word. A man of honour. A man who will make those damn muslims shake in their sandals. A man who came from nothing and built an empire. A man of the people, for the people, by the people.

    God bless Donald Trump.

  10. Many people may not like the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, but for some I hear/read now to call yourselves “Ashamed to be an American” is an affront to sensibilities.

    Even with 30+ years of socialism dressed in the guise of liberalism. Something BTW another great American, Ronald Reagan at the 1964 RNC Convention spoke of how socialism could spread through the USA if it’s dressed as liberalism, you still live in arguably the best nation on Earth. A nation where millions of people have come to and want to come to and to embrace Americanism.

    Yes, many have and also come to the USA to exploit, take and steal from it much like pigs at the trough. But most people as immigrants who know by being an American citizen grants them rights and privileges most others in the world do not have and as such these citizens want to contribute back to the USA.

    But also many born in the USA citizens who were brought up correctly to believe in American exceptionalism, its rights, freedoms and as such they also know they owe this nation by its liberties all they truly ever gained.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Quote by JFK

    You all can complain about all sorts of issues that you all find foul in the past, yet you all are now ashamed because you have a President (elect) who IMO still believes in America and at this time still in its rightful place in the world, warts and all. Many other people outside the USA would gladly trade places with any and all of you.

    The American democratic system spoke Nov. 8 2016. People are DONE with cronyism, blind globalism, socialism dressed as liberalism. They are done with being told they are somehow bad for just being Americans and believing or wanting to believe in it’s historic values and ideals. They no longer want to be little ‘comrades’, SJW’s, and have P.C. fluff and nonsense oppressively forced on them. D.J.T’s election win was a BIG F**K YOU to all of it and all of them.

    As a Canadian who loves my country with its warts and all and would never be ashamed of it even though we currently our version of ‘Obama’ and a ‘man’ 🙄 who is beta cuck as P.M. but as such I know this, if and when America does well, Canada by being permanently joined at its proverbial hip does well too. In fact much of the western, developed, idealized world does well by extension too.

    As to any and all ‘backwards’ nations be they culturally, socially, politically and economically backwards, by such they all in a sliding scale deserve to be failures that they are.

    So you all who cry today and claim to be ashamed, you all can IMO wrongfully carry your shame, that is your right, but it’s your loss.

    Mark my words President Donald J. Trump will in the end of his eight years be one of the best Presidents in US history. A Saviour he is not. A perfect man he is not. But a man who loves the USA and has a vision and a seeming ability to move it forward.

    I will end by saying the following, he will one day have a US Navy CVN named after him, JUST WATCH AND SEE!

    Peace Out! 😎

  11. AHHH!!!! Not only did my candidate win but but when I placed a few bucks on him about a year ago I got great odds.
    Just watching the left wing PC crowds on the West coast protesting a legitimate election. Democracy rules as long as your on the wining side.
    Now to sit back and watch as DJT turns America from an anemic left wing door mat back into the world power it was before the dumbing down of the nations peoples.
    Goodbye gangster rap hello law and order
    Goodbye porus boarders hello boarder security
    Goodbye Obama hello Donald

  12. I kept switching back and forth between CNN and CTV News Channel. CTV was ahead of CNN all night when it came to updating the electoral college totals, etc. CNN just couldn’t bring themselves to admit they missed the mark on this one. Either that or they were so blinded by their own Democratic bias, they couldn’t see any other outcome. Whoever takes the so called polls, needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out why they keep getting their predictions wrong. Reason is pretty simple actually – they don’t ever talk to the “little” guy – the guy on the street who’s vote counts just as much as the votes of the talking heads.

  13. Things Trump will likely do.

    Trump has been clear about vetting people from known countries of terrorism before they MAY be allowed to enter the USA. Countries have a right to allow or deny anyone for any reason.

    The Wall in whatever way he gets it built, will always be a symbolic gesture. But he will empower ICE and Border Patrol, to patrol, catch, detain and send back illegals. It’s a nation’s right to do so!

    He will reopen NAFTA and tweak it along with Canada and Mexico including with all the proverbial horse trading. IT WILL HAPPEN! TPP will not be signed as such it will then likely die. Future trade deals will be heavily influenced by Trump’s ideology on trade, or the US will not likely participate.

    NATO nations will have to pony up more cash to make NATO work better and will have to rework what NATO’s is as a purpose for the rest of the 21st. century. Under Trump the USA will not over pay it’s bill to NATO.

    He will have a serious plan to deal ISIS and any other radical Islamic terrorists. That has been made clear by him.

    He will lower taxes and rework the tax code as well as try to have federal business regulations that are not pro business, pro business growth be tossed out.

    Trump though is a winner and also a consensus maker. He knows he will have to give and take but will not just sell out his principles that he ran on. He did not run a 16 month campaign for POTUS to not get change. He did not have to run for POTUS. It has cost him and his brand lots of money and some lost business. He wants to at this point in his life make a difference, first to the nation he loves, the USA and by extension to any nations who will work with him regardless of who they may be. He has the gift to influence what and how others see and do things, JUST YOU WATCH!

  14. I wonder how many of the left wing PC bunch that are protesting the legitimate election of a new president did not vote. The saying has always been if you dont vote you dont get to complain.

    One such example of a protester that did not vote was Colin Kapernick. Judging by the commnets being tossed like perfect spirals at CK he might as well find another job. Surely the 49ers must be getting tired of dragging this loser from city to city.

  15. Furthermore on this particular day I wonder if its ever crossed Mr Kapenicks mind how many men and women have died fighting for his right to act like an a–hole. Get up off your knee and salute the flag that they died fighting for.


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