And The Winner Of Radio’s Election 2016 Is ….



Tuesday November 8, 2016


In Media Monitors’ final radio report of the 2016 political season, here are the total number of radio ads aired by the two major party candidates during the final monitoring period — October 28th to November 6th.

There were 27,853 radio spots run for Hillary Clintonin the last ten days, compared to 3,543 spots airing for Donald Trump. On the ‘against’ side of the ledger, there were 2,090 radio spots aired against Trump, vs. 777 radio ads purchased against Clinton. Both the ‘for’ and ‘against’ totals include ads that aired on radio in 85 monitored major markets across the country, that were purchased by both the campaigns and various PAC’s. Fair to say we know at least one final outcome of Election 2016 already today.

When it comes to which candidate ran more ads on radio during the campaign, Democrat Hillary Clinton was the runaway ‘winner’ over GOP contender Donald Trump. And a big NTS MediaOnline Today shout-out to Media Monitors for slogging through all the data to help broadcasters get real numbers that showed how much both campaigns have been using radio each week throughout the campaign season. 




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