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AT & T Acquires Time Warner: ‘Biggest Media Merger in Years’



Deal valuing Time Warner at $85 billion was Confirmed by WSJ at 10 am Saturday PDT


Trump Vows to Block It (if Elected)


AT&T is in advanced talks to acquire Time Warner, a deal that would create a major media conglomerate which combines wireless and pay-television subscribers with extensive content from HBO and CNN to Warner Bros. Pictures. Photo: Agence France-Presse/Getty Images


AT&T Inc. is nearing an agreement to buy Time Warner Inc.,  a deal that would set a milestone in the converging media and telecommunications sectors and unleash a far-reaching reordering of the industry as rivals are spurred to attempt their own deals.

A deal, which could happen as early as this weekend, would unite AT&T’s wireless, broadband and satellite TV brands with Time Warner’s entertainment empire, which includes cable networks such as TNT, TBS, CNN, the prized HBO channel, and the Warner Bros. film and TV studio.

Talks toward a cash-and-stock purchase have come together quickly and could stall or fall through, said people familiar with the matter. The companies are negotiating a deal that would value Time Warner at between $105 and $110 a share, or more than $80 billion, people familiar with the discussions said.

It is possible other bidders could emerge, including traditional media conglomerates or technology companies. Apple Inc. approached Time Warner about a merger a few months ago and while those talks are no longer active, Apple continues to monitor the situation, a person familiar with the situation said. If a Time Warner sale occurs that could encourage other telecom and media companies to pursue their own combinations.

In an Oct. 22 speech in Gettysburg Virginia, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump vowed to block the merger. Referring to the proposed mega deal for AT&T to buy Time Warner, Trump decried the concentration of ownership of the country’s media in the hands of “too few.”


  1. Trump said in his Gettysburg address this morning, a Trump Administration will have this deal scrubbed. Is it any wonder why these networks, like NBC,ABC,CNN are working so hard to destroy him and his campaign. Its Dirty, very dirty politics with corporate media.

  2. And what the liberal media is doing (in collusion with the Democrats and the Hillary campaign) to smear Trump while trying to influence voters to vote Democrat is exactly why Trump is right about them – and why the big media companies need to be broken up like AT&T and Standard Oil were decades ago. Too much power concentrated in the hands of too few is never a good thing and the media is no exception to this.


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