Matt Cundill talks with Shawn Smith of Broadcast Dialogue on his ‘Sound Off’ Podcast





Among those appearing on today’s installment, Matt talks with Shawn Smith, who acquired Broadcast Dialogue, back in July of this year.

Shawn Smith is the founder of Momentum Marketing in Vancouver. He is also the new publisher at Broadcast Dialogue, the venerable magazine that has been run masterfully by Howard and Ingrid Christensen. The Sound Off Podcast spoke with Shawn about plans for the future of Broadcast Dialogue and tells us about his broadcast past which started in the late 80’s at C100 in Halifax.



Matt Cundill


“With 25 years of radio experience programming and as on the air performer, Matt Cundill provides branding solutions for radio stations and online media. Matt is also an accomplished Voice Over Creationist for clients like Cabelas Canada and the Nova Scotia Liberals.”




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