Dear Mainstream Media



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  1. Preach it, Paul! The liberal media’s been caught red-handed in their collusion with the Democrats (including knowing of the Democrats recruiting paid agitators to stir up trouble at Trump rallies while keeping the true level of their involvement under wraps from the public) and no amount of excuses they make or lies they tell (including claiming that it’s “illegal” for the public to look at the Wikileaks files when it’s clearly NOT illegal) is going to get them off the hook now. They’re in major trouble and they know it (ditto for the media on this side of the border), that’s why they’re in full-on panic mode and continuing with their lies to the public in a desperate attempt to maintain what little credibility they once had.

    Thanks to Wikileaks, it’s a safe bet that liberal media’s credibility as a news source has now hit zero and they have only themselves to blame because of their blatant bias and cheerleading for the Democrats. To use an old saying, stick a fork in the liberal media ’cause they’re done.

  2. PJW, nails it down all very well.

    MSM is in bed with global elites and their crony-capitalism that rides on the back of socialism for he rest of us and use as the stooges for it. Socialists, liberals, 3rd wave feminists, BLM, SJW’s, Islamists. These Koolaid drinking fools sew the seeds of their own imprisonment to the egging on of this cabal.

    Everything these stooges support will turn on them by each other while the elites pull strings.

    MSM as the 4th estate has a job to inform an educate the populous so more people can be educated to help choose a better path and to hold government better to account.

    MSM will NEVER recover the prostituting it has done this election cycle and more. It was full of itself thinking it could b bought as a high price call girl to the elites, but today it’s [MSM] a $10 whore with Heroin tracks in their collective forearms, sitting on a dark street corner where drunks falling out of 2 bit bars, pi$$ on walls, with all i the MSM now looking to service these drunks for $10 thinking their next trick will be the billionaire elites to take them away to health an happiness.

    I hear the sound of one hand clapping, CONGRATS MSM. You all dug your own graves.

    On November 8 2016 you will be served your just dessert and the sound of jaws hitting floors will be yours as it rings throughout the land, as Donald J. Trump will be Elected President (elect) of the United States of America.

    A new shot heard around the world will be heard as he and his movement begins to retake LIBERTY, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, FREE ASSOCIATION, FREE SPEECH, MERIT BASED IDEOLOGY, P.C. PUSH BACK AND REAL CAPITALISM. It will be a long struggle and journey but it begins with THE FIRST STEP! President Donald J. Trump is that first step of a new, long but an epic journey. He will be the most prolific President since President Ronald Reagan 1980-1988.

  3. It’s just as bad in Canada. We have a handful of companies that control the media and spout government and corporate propaganda. Both the Liberals and the Conservatives have sold us out and continue to sell us out. Trudeau is a globalist and wants to flood the country with immigrants while furthering the global corporate agenda.

  4. PM Sunny Ways is our Obama. Canada is often ONE election cycle behind the USA. With Bush Jr. we followed with Harper. Now he was hardly good for Canada as he was more a mix of GWB and Cheney in one man. He too was a Globalist and a crony to the elites. That said he is looking to be the lesser evil of the two between him a Trudeau. Just ironically GWB now looks to be a lesser evil than Obama.

    Now when the USA elects Trump, the proverbial worm will begin to turn and maybe if we play our cards right and if the idiot Conservative Party can find a leader who too believes first in CANADA’S NATIONALISM while supporting proper and just trade deals and one who knows we are joined at the hip to the USA and should look to mimic our Canadian way the Trump’s type of ideals, well maybe PM Sunnyways will just BLOW AWAY.

    I hoped that Trudeau would at least have inherited his dad’s brains, but he got his mother’s instead. Even if one did not like P.E.T. he was at least smart, clear and worldly in vision and what he felt was Canada’s place in it. Justin is just a substitute drama teacher and ski instructor he is LOST in a backwards, flawed globalist, sell out ideology.


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