Full Donald Trump Blows Away Hillary Clinton…




  1. Great speech. Either Donald is straight up and the MSM is as corrupt as he claims OR maybe hes part of the conspiracy. Maybe he was purposely planted as the GOP canidate to ensure a Hillary win and he will be paid off royally by the 1%. I don’t think he is but you never know?? eh scrottie

  2. Trust me on this, the liberal media really is as corrupt and untrustworthy as Trump says – why else has it been losing viewers nonstop in recent years?

  3. Again surveys show that in the USA 94% of those polled no longer have trust in Main Stream Media. That is worse than trust on politicians and lawyers.

    Trump is a genius of keeping to the mixing of this with his ever more clear message of his vision for the USA. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The USA and we in the rest of free, developed world by extension NEED the USA to be GREAT AGAIN!

    Him also beating on election fraud is also a good one as it enforces to those who support him to go out an vote. BTW the same whining about election fraud was cried by Democrats and liberals when the idiot GWB was running for and running for a second time as President.

    Media cry that studies found only 31 cases of fraud, BUT that may only be where voting may be verifiable. Many voting machines used have no paper receipt or back up and once a voter places his/her vote they have no idea if the machine registered it correctly.

    So YES both sides have cried fraud over the years BUT! the difference this time is one candidate is an OUTSIDER and as such poses a threat to the elites and their status quo. In the past both parties with the exception of (in recent decades) Reagan in 80 as originally an outsider as well for his second term in 84, and Kennedy in 60 who too was a bit of an outsider, all candidates are generally status quo. So fraud was less of an issue to the establishment.

    Reagan won as he was the head of a movement much like Trump is today and the movement overwhelmed any possible fraud. Trump is trying to harness this as well.

    He knows exactly what he is doing. The establishment and MSM basically fight by denigrating the the man and not really his vision for America or his movement. They can’t figure him and it out but will toss all including the proverbial the kitchen sink at him. They are blinded by their arrogance and ignorance towards the will of the people.

    That said look at both candidates an draw PRO v. CON and you see one person who advocates a change to make America Great Again (BTW Bill used it in 1992 and also stumped for Hillary with it in 2008. But they both don’t believe in it) against and person who is as seen in the Wikileaks email releases, 100% status quo, admitted liar, racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, a socialist dressed as a liberal democrat, war monger and corrupt to the hilt, unhealthy and only in the end cares about herself.

    As POTUS Trump will show and will be seen by future historians to have been a genius, mark my words.

  4. Hillary is unfit to be POTUS for many reasons but Parkinson’s Disease may be the best yet.

    YouTube, Webtech Vidzette. A Doctor’s page where he analyzes and tells about why he feels she is suffering from Parkinson’s and as a result must not be POTUS.

  5. Mebbe by the time he runs again he’ll have learned how to run.

    Mebbe even learned some principles for life, like “Get your facts strait.” and “Keep your hands off other people.”

    and Mebbe by then voters will have learned how rotten the likes of Clinton and Obama are, how anti-life they are.

    Neither of them would survive in a free market with justice system.

    Perhaps even got media types educated in Modern Liberal taxpayer-funded colleges to realize they are out of touch with real people.


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