Matt Cundill’s ‘Sound off’ Podcast talks with Marty Forbes





Matt’s latest podcast featuring Marty Forbes talking about the future of radio and it’s shotgun marriage to digital.

Marty Forbes is the president of Radiowise and former General Manager of Standard Radio’s 100.3 The Bear and TSN 1260 in Edmonton for many years. His Father was the legendary Jerry Forbes at 630 CHED, who started many great charities including Santa Anonymous. Since leaving Standard Radio, Marty consults radio properties with an emphasis on Digital inclusion.

Sound off Podcast






  1. Not only a great guest, but a super Podcast. I love the way you open up with current industry news, then you got into interviewing Marty from his other home in Arizona. I also loved the ‘reality time’ opener with Marty having to go answer the door, with dog in tow., lol

  2. Thank you Connie and Victor. The podcast is a lot of fun to do. I really enjoy getting a show together each week and sharing.


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