CNN Post Debate Polls Rigged? Michael Rivero



One Hundred Million people tuned into the Clinton/Trump debate on Monday night.

Corporate media biased towards Donald Trump


US using Nazi like slave prison labour
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  1. Example: Holt went round and round with Trump on the Iraq war. He never asked Hillary why she voted for it and she¬†shilled about the fictional WMD’s. But Trump was grilled by Holt.

    FACT: Trump was right, he never supported the war in 2003. Youtube Stefan Molyneux, he has a near 1.5 hour podcast where he deconstructs this and all the MSM lies and distortions on Trump. Just go Youtube it.

    But Trump on Sept. 11 2002 the first anniversary of 9/11 when asked by Howard Stern if he supports attacking Iraq, he basically said ” well err, …………..yeah maybe… but we should have done it right in the first place and that the USA really needs to work on the economy and not Iraq.”

    That is the ONE and only time he tacitly gave a nod to an attack and he said so on an emotional day the 1st anniversary of 9/11. Every other time the media asked him about the war and even before it began in March 2003 he was against the war and he stuck firm through the times when 70%+ of the polled public supported the war and he was on the other side right up to today in 2016. THIS IS A FACT!!!!!!

    But even in the twisted minds of liberals Democrats and MSM he was high fiving a war, HE WAS NOT A POLITICIAN AND HAD NO VOTE!!!!

    Again Hillary as a Senator could note have voted any quicker for war and she shilled for the nonsense of WMD’s. Yet Holt DID NOT ASK HER ABOUT THIS!

  2. nice try Robb Gibbs. It just so happens, former President ‘daddy’ George H.W. Bush, who her husband Bill beat the elder Bush in the 92 election, has now given his support to Hillary Clinton to win the White House. G.H.W. Bush has been a card carrying Republican since the beginning of time. This election is about an outsider, battling the Establishment. The Bush and Clinton families have been in bed together since the drug cartel out of Mena, Arkansas when Bill was governor, and Bush was Vice President, having taken on Ronald Reagan’s second term because Alzheimers had taken its toll on the president, which by the way was covered up.

  3. Moving into the last month of the US Presidential election will see the status quo, elitist class not just throw every proverbial knife, fork, pot, pan, dish and plate at Trump but they are pulling the kitchen sink out to throw at him too. They will not just double down, bit will triple down and quadruple down on Trump.

    Their distortions, smut and outright lies on him will be relentless until Nov. 8.

    THEY FEAR CHANGE even if IMO the change Trump wants and may begin to create will in the end allow them to have the possibility to be richer and better off along with more of us, than the status quo will see today. THEY CAN’T EVEN SEE IT FROM THEIR IVORY TOWERS! Sad so sad.

    Crony-capitalists who for decades have used socialists dressed as liberals, feminists, social justice warriors etc as their stooges. All to make them getting and increasing their wealth and power more easily and lazily and not more competitively.

    Trump and those of his movement see a reformation of our system to where he wants to empower people, wants to create a trade economy that is more fair to all and does not pull down or destroy those nations that have worked for and earned success. He wants to protect more liberty and create a better real economy among other things.

    What Trump wants to do is multi-faceted but one thing he wants is to give you, me and all of us the freedom to fail and not be so scared of possible failure that you never try.

    An example of his thoughts, back in an early Republican debate on healthcare Trump noted that no matter what he would never want to be a President that would allow somebody to die outside the Emergency room because they could not afford to get the care needed. This is also more a metaphor in that he wants to make sure safety nets in life are set up for all, but are not nets set up for an and all to build a house on to live off of.

    The government under Trump, would be there to better protect the society, make sure nobody is just kicked out to the street, make sure infrastructure is properly made and maintained, but is not there to keep people down or hold people back as the socialist and their allies want to do.

    Globalists and their crony-capitalism want to make their power and wealth come easier and not made from true free market ideals as well as nation state v. nation state competitive spirit. They hate the nation state pure and simple and Hillary Clinton is their Presidential candidate stooge for 2016.

    Crony-capitalists would not know free market trade to save their fat ass lives. They milk the system through their cronyism and they play any and all socialist, activist type groups as their low brow stooges. WE ALL SUFFER THOUGH! Trump is the face of real change. Like Reagan was in his day in 1980. He is not Christ incarnate and he will not see all change, but his Presidency will begin it. His political and social movement will not be altered. THIS SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF THE GLOBALIST ELITES!

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