from the Herald, A fond ‘Ver-well’ to Calgary radio icon

The gang reforms for one final show on Friday, September 23th, 2016 From L-R : George Canyon, Dan Carson, Doug Veronelly, Bobby Wills, Robyn Adair and Paul Brandt Credit : Michael Lumsden/Postmedia


By Michael Lumsden,
Published on: September 25, 2016


You’d think after 23 years, 6,000+ shows, and thousands of laughs, the morning crew at Country 105 would have seen it all.

Well, that was until one of their own decided to hang up his headphones for the last time.

Doug Veronelly, the man lovingly nicknamed the “human water feature,” had his farewell shindig on Friday, and the calibre of surprise guests showed off just how much of an impact he had on not only Calgary, but country music in Canada.

Stars George Canyon, Paul Brandt and Bobby Wills were just a small sample of the list of people who took part not only in the celebration of nearly a quarter-century on air, which is a feat in itself, but to also remind listeners just how involved Doug and the team are in the community.
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