John Daly ‘Batman’ retires ! by Dave Biro



John L. Daily at his retirement party on Wednesday August 31st, 2016 at Mahony & Sons in False Creek


John L. Daly hangs up his mic and lens from Global BC News.



Dave Biro

By Dave Biro

PSR Contributor


Saturday September the 3rd, 2016



For 36 years John Daly commanded the news agenda in Vancouver from BCTV, which later became Global BC.

Before that he worked at CKVU television and CKNW radio.

This week he retired.

John knows everything that goes on in Vancouver, often before those “ in the know” want things known.

His sources within the police and courts communities are legendary.

People trust him and they tell him things, or leave enough clues and tips that John can figure out what’s really going on.

First, fast, and right, the benchmark and target of performance all journalists seek to hit.

But few hit the mark as often and such consistency as Daly.

And so it was, at a pub along False Creek in Vancouver, that hundreds gathered August 31st to honour Daly.

The place was packed. Well, over packed, with barely enough room for a thirsty person to raise an elbow.

I’d come over from Victoria, and am glad I did, I got to see some old friends.

As one fellow sitting at my table said “I’m here to see who’s still alive”. There was a bit of that for those of us long in the tooth, but mostly it was a  truly wonderful celebration.

I won’t pretend that I caught all of the vibe in the room, but it was electric, and loud.

Present day and former colleagues, people who had competed against him, former police officers, even a former Attorney General, all there to pay homage to “ The Legend”.

Daly is like Batman in that city, Vancouver is his Gotham. If something is happening, Daly knows about it.

Many lamented, the end of an era.

But there was a hell of a lot of talent in that room too, and I’ve got a strong feeling the future of the business there is in good hands, especially if people reach for the standards set by John Daly.

And if the going gets tough, maybe, just maybe, they could call out Batman.


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  1. As noted in another thread,

    Last of a long line of top-notch beat crime reporters in Vancouver. Let’s name some. George Garrett, Lisa Rossington, Kate Corcoran, Leigh Morrow. I’m also thinking of Sunny Lewis from CFUN in the early 70s. Perhaps others can add to the list.

  2. Nice post Dave. Daly was a legend because he was smart and worked hard. His bosses were wise to honour a beat-system, allowing him to constantly massage his contacts for tips. You hit on trust too- another biggy. I hope Daly passes his contact list to someone deserving.

  3. Batman, I like it Dave! And it was great to see you again at the Daly Bun-Toss!
    Was it just me, or did I hear “Batman” say (during his speech) that maybe we haven’t seen or heard the last of him? I have a feeling that John L. Daly will surface very soon in the local T.V. market. CTV would be crazy not to throw some dough his way…if they haven’t already? Stay tuned.


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