Kathy Kennedy Let Go from 680 CJOB




August 31st, 2016


Kathy Kennedy

Veteran Winnipeg broadcaster Kathy Kennedy was let go from 680 CJOB on Wednesday.

Kennedy had been the co-host of “Winnipeg’s Morning News,” alongside news director Richard Cloutier, since spring 2014.

Prior to that, Kennedy had a short stint on NCI FM and was a longtime personality on 92 CITI FM.

The end of August is typically when radio stations make cuts to their on-air lineups as the new fiscal year begins and budgets are set.

Kennedy has worked in radio for more than 20 years. She shared the news of her split from Corus Entertainment on her Facebook page.







  1. Also Fresh Radio Clint James Gone Also Rumor Fresh Radio Winnipeg Will Be Replaced By Classic Hits BOOM FM Winnipeg?

  2. One of my all-time favourite female newsreaders, and not a bad jock either! Quick on her feet, which was a necessity when working alongside The Master of the Morning Don Percy for over a decade on KY58.

  3. Kathy was the best part of CJOB mornings. How do you let a veteran like Kathy go but keep some others?? Makes no sense.

    All these hacks and slashes, brand flip flops in Winnipeg over the last 2 years have made these brands worth avoiding. Just seems like throwing pots of spaghetti and hoping a couple strands sticks. Consistency + stability = listeners and good ratings.

    Feeling for my Corus radio friends right now. Must be like riding the employment Titanic.

  4. Really!!?Not only did they let Kathy go they’ve kept the irritating Dahlia and gave her an extra hour of air time. CJOB deleted from the memory on my radio.

  5. I am so sad to hear Kathy is leaving CJOB. She was the reason I turned on my radio at 6:00 am.
    She will be sadly missed I wish her so much success elsewhere she is a true professional. I will miss u Kathy Kennedy…

  6. What a mistake – took a while to get used to Richard & Kathy in the mornings – but thanks to Kathy – I kept listening. Really can’t relate to the logic here – get rid of Kathy – but keep the annoying Dahlia and give her an extra hour yet! CJOB – hung in and gave you a chance once you let Hal Anderson go – not this time – Bye Bye!

  7. I agree with previous comments made. You let a professional go and kept an annoying voice like your afternoon broadcaster. I turned off my radio when I heard the song played announcibg Dahlia. You have made some very bad moves CJOB.

  8. Totally agree with other comments….Loved Kathy, change the station when Dahlia is on the air.
    Time to find another drive to and home from work station. Might have to renew my Sirius radio!!!

  9. Cjob what other stupid moves are they going to do
    Well probably won’t be listing to morning show anymore what stupid move but keep dalia and the irritating voice unbeliveable

  10. I am so disappointed to hear that CJOB let Kathy go. That’s crazy. I very much enjoyed listening to her. I agree totally with some of the above comments. I just can’t listen to Dahlia and turn off CJOB if she is on. Big mistake in my opinion!

  11. Really! Shadow Davis and your talking skunks , rabbits, plaaaeese, Cjob you really messed up by taking Cathy off at least their show was interesting.

  12. Hated to see Hal go but Kathy Kennedy was a good replacement . I have a hard time believing you let her go & keep Dahlia radio station gets changed when I hear that voice & I actually think it got worse with Brett …

  13. CJOB you have spiraled down out of control. Most of the good one you had are gone and the few left can’t carry it. I never thought I would listen to CBC but Dahlia has done that for me. What a terrible uninteresting waste of time.

  14. Cjob is a poor excuse for a radio station. Plus they are heartless. They should have dumped Adler years ago, but no they let him lower the anchor (pun intended) and take the whole dann ship down. Then they slash and hack and keep that super annoying Dalia on to boot. A dann shame.

  15. Cjob is but a memory kk was a sweetheart thank the lord they got rid of that ooze of music I had convulsions not only listening to that selfish loaf but also by looking at that face


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