R.I.P. Dr. Joy Browne

Dr. Joy Browne



August 30, 2015


NTS MediaOnline Today is sad to report the death of longtime Talk radio host Dr. Joy Browne, who died suddenly on Saturday (8/27). She was 71. Most recently syndicated nationally by GCN, the advice and relationship host was best known for her many years at WOR/New York and across the country on the WOR Radio Network.

A Facebook post by Dr. Joy’s sister, Alannah Sinclaire, reads in part: “My sister Joy, left her physical body on Saturday afternoon, August. 27th. She died suddenly, and seemingly without pain. I was actually on the phone with her chatting about movie reviews, recipes, and favorite memories from a recent birthday party for our 95-year-old mom, when the phone suddenly disconnected; her heart had stopped as well. No amount of tears or words of condolence will bring her back. I’m comforted by the thought that Joy is in a glorious and good feeling place right now.”

No official word yet on any funeral or memorial service plans for the pioneering New York City-based Talk radio host.



  1. Oh no, I loved Dr. Joy. I still use her “stupid, dumb and cheerful” approach with clients who have to deal with annoying bosses and co-workers. It works!!! I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to her for many years and I would often mention her to clients. She was removed from CFAX 10 or more years ago and I really missed her no-nonsense but compassionate advice. She was highly intuitive and was bang on far more than she wasn’t. (Unlike the horrible Dr. Laura — ugh! Why do only the good die young?) So sad… but glad I spotted it on your site. You do cover the globe and I appreciate it.

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