Huffington Post muzzled journalist

Huffington Post TERMINATED Journalist David Seaman for Questioning Hillary’s Health




  1. Hill has no lack of shortcomings to attack. But “Doctor” Hannity and other alt-right critics are likely making fools of themselves on this mission. About three weeks ago, one of her biggest enemies–Dick Morris–dismissed the rumours. He told Coast to Coast host George Noory that Hillary puts rivals to shame in her ability to “work like an animal” in her pursuit of power.

    I do wonder if David Seaman was a paid HuffPo contributor. If not, he was probably easy to discard. Still bugs me that all the volunteer contributors never got belated compensation for their efforts when Arianna and the insiders got beaucoup Bucks selling the HuffPo to AOL. Now, in the wake of its subsequent sale, Ms Huffington is leaving to helm a lifestyle site that urges folks to get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Huffington Post is no different than the rest of the liberal media. Not only are they in the tank for Hillary (like they were for Obama before and during his illegal regime), they’re actually going out of their way to actively protect her regarding her declining health like the rest of the liberal media is by denying that there’s even anything wrong with her. No one who knows better is fooled by their lies and coverups, though.


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