iHeartRadio is Coming to KOOL FM 107.3 Victoria


The iHeartRadio teaser promos are already appearing on local television, and word is Bell will be applying their new format/branding acquisition to their Victoria FMer, KOOL 107.3.

Stay tuned.



  1. Or it could be IHeartRadio being used as a brand in its own right, replacing the Virgin Radio branding. It’s a possibility.

  2. I don’t think this makes sense. Isn’t iHeartRadio an internet radio platform? I don’t think they’re branding physical stations as iHeart. I think, if anything, KOOL FM as the existing brand will get distributed digitally through iHeartRadio while remaining the same over the traditional airwaves.

    That was my understanding when the deal between Bell and iHeart was first announced earlier this year. And they said it would be happening about mid-year, which is about now.

    Then again, nothing surprises me anymore so I guess anything is possible.


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